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Hello, and welcome to my site! Originally from England I moved to the United states in 2012. I was a golf professional who taught the game of golf and somewhat chased a playing career. I knew that teaching golf wasn’t going to give me the pay or lifestyle I wanted and needed to be able to travel back home for extended periods of time. It’s by chance that I fell into Real Estate investing. I sparked up a conversation with someone in a cafe in Spain and he told me what he did – Real Estate Investor. I didn’t have the slightest clue about US real estate, but I was sold on the idea of working from a phone and a laptop and making a lot of money. My investing journey began that day! I went out and found a coach and borrowed some money to invest in his program. 

Fast forward to today. I have built a successful Virtual Real Estate Investing business doing hundreds of deals across multiple states. I have taught hundreds of students how to create successful wholesaling businesses who have done even more deals!

Since the beginning, my aim has been to create a lifestyle that could cater to all my desires. Building this business hasn’t been a cakewalk, it demands persistent effort and action. But, if you can put the right pieces together, you’ll give yourself the freedom to work on your business rather than in it. This means that as time passes, you’ll be able to shift your focus and efforts and finally have the liberty to do things you’ve always wanted outside of your business.

On this site you will find resources and information designed to help you gain the same freedom I have come to enjoy. I hope what you find here helps you on your journey.

Looking For Free Resources?

Check out some of my most popular and helpful resources below all for free.

7 Steps to your first wholesale deal PDF

A quick, simple, easy to understand guide to help you get your first wholesale deal.

"New Market Challenge"

9-part video series where I answer the question: What would you do if you had to start all the way over today? I take you step by step through exactly what I would do to start doing deals.

Free downloads

Check out all my available free downloads, including: Scripts, Lead Sheets, Contracts, and more!


No matter your experience or your investing strategy, I’ve got you covered. 

New to investing

Whether you are looking to invest virtually or in your back yard, the investing community I’ve built will help you on the path to your first deal. Through education, networking, and taking action you can get out of your 9 to 5 and take on investing full time.

ready to scale

You are ready to venture into more markets or strategies, but not sure how to scale or transition to a virtual model. I can help you execute your vision with personalized ongoing support.

removing yourself

You’re ready to start working on your business and not in it. I have created a proven blueprint to implement automation and key team members so you can exit the business and oversee the day to day operations.

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