Welcome to the home of all of my educational material. The courses below are an accumulation of the knowledge I have gained in this industry from trial and error. No matter where you are in your Real Estate Investing journey you will get tons of value from the materials below. If you are an action taker and ready to do some deals I recommend you get started with the “Fundamentals of Wholesaling”. If you have done some deals and you are looking to scale and remove yourself from the business check out “Building a Business”. Don’t forget that members of my coaching program get all of the courses below at no extra charge. Happy Wholesaling!

My Cornerstone course designed to get you your first deal. Learn the 7 basic steps to doing a wholesale deal from Picking A Market, to Talking to Sellers, to Closing the Deal. In this course you will find all you need to hit the ground running!

You know how to do deals, but now it’s time to take your business to the next level. Learn how to Work On The Business Not In The Business. In this course, I teach you how to expand your business by building your team. You also get access to Fundamentals of Wholesaling.

Cold Calling. Gross right? Wrong! This is my #1 lead generating strategy. In the course I will teach you exactly how to choose a market, get a list, and how to work that list. Do this yourself or outsource this task to your cold caller.