It’s a little wild in this episode as I record this while on the road in my RV, but the sound of thunder is the perfect backdrop to get my message across. One deal can literally change the entire trajectory of your business, so I want you to hang in there and keep trucking away.

We just finished walking through a deal that would’ve paid the sales guys, the dispositions, and me, plus it would’ve rebuilt the marketing budget. The sellers wanted it. We wanted it. Everyone was onboard. But the foundation issues were too much and we had to drop it. But one deal doesn’t make or break our business.

Every deal builds on the next deal, and those little wins will start to add up. If you’re ready to have somebody help you stay accountable and on track, I’d love to see if we’d be a good fit. Connect with me on my website and sign up for coaching today.

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What’s Inside:

  • “Maybes” will kill your business and suck up your time and energy.
  • How to shake off a deal that fell through and refocus yourself.
  • Why momentum is contagious and how you can harness its power.

Hey, guys, how are you doing? I’m excited. This is the first podcast and YouTube video from my RV. I am traveling right now. I’m in Nashville. I’m at a place called Safe Harbor RV Resort. Check it out. It’s right on the reservoir. 

And it’s amazing. I’m doing this outside, so we might hear some, you can see here the lake if you’re watching on YouTube. You’re going to be able to see and you’ve got the water over here as well. And the harbor. If you’re watching on YouTube, it is. It’s awesome. So, anyway, I’m excited. Like I said, we left Savannah two days ago. We’re in Nashville for a couple of days and we’re heading off to Michigan. 

We’re going to be going to the lake house, spending some time there. So super, super excited. So we’re going to have more content, more videos, comments, some interviews, some role plays as well. Current clients are going to be doing some, analyzing some of the deals that we’re doing. So, yeah, it’s gonna be pretty awesome. But I want to keep this pretty show here and just try and give you some, you know, motivation. I’ve been doing some videos on momentum and focusing on today and not the outcome. Letting the outcome happen. 

What I want to want to talk about today is how everything can change on a dime. Everything can change on a dime. That’s what I want to talk to you about. And would you believe it is starting to rain? So we’re going to have to pause this. And I’m going to have to head inside to finish this video. Stand by. 

All right. So I’m back inside. We just have found a song. Come in. Perfect timing. But these things happen, so we’re just going to roll with it. But we don’t want it to. Wow. I was getting. Was everything can change on a dime. I’ve been doing some little series of momentum and videos like that, building into, I think, the next important one, which is consistency and everything can change on a dime. I don’t know if that’s just a U.K. saying or if you guys say here in America, but I’ve seen it with coaching clients. We’ve seen it in our business and it’s just the nature of the business. 

Is that anything can change at any time, so you have to keep going. And just let things happen. So let me give you some examples of this. Is that sometimes in the real estate world, in life, we get thrown a lot of curveballs. It can get a little depressing. It can feel that you’re not getting anywhere. It can feel that you’re going backwards even. But you have to push through that because it only takes one little thing to change everything. And that might be a one conversation that brings you in. A contract is going to be four thousand dollars, 5000 dollars, 80000. It doesn’t matter. Right. But that one conversation could change anything. 

And I see it time and time again in our business. I see it in clients’ businesses as well. And I’m going to be getting some of these guys on to be talking about their stories so you can actually see exactly what I’m talking about in this episode, how I’ve had one to one calls where, look, I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve been doing this for eight weeks and I’m not seeing the results. I’m doing my best. And I might just keep going. I tell them, don’t stop. Anything can change at any time. Just trust the process and things will happen. And again, I’ve got one guy. We had a coaching call. Nothing happened within 10 days. If you can hear that thunder, 10 days, he got three deals, two in closing and now he’s back on top and everything. 

His whole mindset is better. His delivery through being on the phone, he’s confident. His presence of talking to sellers and buyers is up. He’s dominating conversations just because now things are working and he’s building in that momentum and that consistency to allow it to happen. Again, another client. Two guys in Denver. Same thing. Were like look, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to pay my next bill to then we have over a hundred thousand in closing in four weeks, which is incredible. And that is the business that we’re in, guys, unfortunately. And if you just keep doing them step by step things, the outcome will happen. 

So building the momentum like we’ve talked about focusing on today, letting the outcome happen within itself. Consistency. Remember, everything can change on a dime. I’m a massive believer in that. And yeah some of you are gonna be saying, well, it can go the other way. Yeah, deals are going to fall out. How do you bounce back from that? Right. We lost the deal last week, 31000. Did we lose it? No, cause we never had it. Was it under contract? Yes. Did the buyer want it? Yes. And it failed a big inspection on a foundation problem. That kind of killed everything. Yeah, it sucks. 

Right? But. All right. We’ll get it back. Let’s go into another deal. We’ll get it back on the next one, because as that one’s leaving. We’ve got another one in the works for more money. The small ones all add up as well. So that’s just the business. Don’t think about it wasn’t a loss that we never had it. 

Does that mean that it’s OK? No. Like I said, it sucks. There you go again, you motivate the team. You know, the sales guys were going to get paid. Now, they’re not. Dispositions was going to get paid. Now they’re not. I was going to get paid. Now I’m not. Marketing dollars were back in the business. Now it isn’t. But you go again. You persist. You keep moving forward. 

Right. And other deals will come. That’s the nature of the beast. How many times do you think a deal is not going to happen? Then it comes in and it makes you money. So it swings in roundabouts, as we say. So just keep that in mind. Also, make sure you know, maybes. 

Don’t let the sellers and the buyers…Have you ever had a podcast with some thunder and lightning? Well, you have now. It’s fairly loud. It was just absolutely beaming with sun. Anyway. Funny. So I don’t know how loud you can you can hear that. So anyway, maybes will kill your business. Make sure that you’re going for no. Go for no. Right. 

No is better than a maybe because the next one might say yes. The maybes, the ones that are going to string you along are going to spend way too much time thinking it’s going to happen, think it’s going to happen and it’s not going to happen, guys. Right. So if people are willing to make decisions within a couple of days, you need to control that situation. I’ve got some new, you know, role plays coming out about this controlling the conversation within the first 15 seconds. You are running the show when it comes to being on the phone. Your control in that and that, you know, the more that you learn that these this process is going to be for you, Kate. 

So, yeah, hopefully this you know, this video helps kind of, like I said, goes in line with the other ones that we’ve done are going to be doing some cases as well on deals like that. Well, how on earth are you to make thirty-one thousand and then it was gone? Because it was in the repairs. There’s nothing that we could do. It’s just a situation that it was in. And you’re probably thinking, why don’t you renegotiate? There was no room to renegotiate because of what was owed on the loan. The seller didn’t have the money to bring it down. 

So we are trying to work on one of the things that we might make about six thousand dollars, or even just helping the seller and breaking even on this one. We do do that a lot. You know, we do have good relationships with, you know, with these people. So if we can help them in and it is what it is, then I think it comes back to you as well. 

So we will do that. But some case studies on some big deals, small deals, a lot of follow up deals, deals that come in I think are going to help. So, you know, drop a comment. If you think this is going to be interesting for you. Maybe I can get clients on analyzing their deals as well. Just give me some perspective that you’re not you’re not alone in this. Some people make it sound that this business is easy. I think the concept is easy, but it’s very hard. And that’s why you need systems and processes in place to follow. And you just gotta be relentless. Trust in the process. 

If you’ve got a coach or working with someone, just follow what they’re saying. And if they’re are doing deals and they’ve done deals, listen to what they’re saying and follow direction. Keep all the noise out. One of the big things is everyone wants to have their say. You can only take information from people that are actually doing it. You don’t want any negativity coming in that don’t do deals. Anyone that’s doing deals is going to really spare you on and say, you know you know what? 

You can do this. You’ve got it. And people that aren’t are just gonna tell you it doesn’t work. Which is nonsense because I guarantee you all know, everyone, if you’re watching across the country. If you’re watching from even from the UK. Everyone knows someone doing deals somewhere. So if they can do it, you can do it. So don’t believe in that. Also, the five people, the five closest people around you. Who are you surrounding yourself with is really important? You’re going to get a lot of negativity. I had it myself when I started from England in the United States going into real estate as a failed golf professional. As I’ve been told a couple of times. Yeah. Which is cool. You know, absolutely. I’m a failed golf pro. I’m not on tour, am I? 

So I’m okay with that. I’m happy with that because now where I am, I’m happy. I’m content with traveling around in the RV. And this is insane, guys, now it’s raining and you’re getting a little bit of everything in this episode. I don’t know how this is going to come out with absolutely hammering out a rain. Yeah, I’m going to have to cut this show here in a minute because if you’ve pretty much been all weathers on this one with me. If you’re watching on YouTube, you’ve got the thunder, the lightning, the rain and the sun. We’ve been outside. We’ve been inside. 

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