The global pandemic has changed the way everything operates, including real estate. Almost overnight, the business shifted to being almost entirely virtual. I like to think that I had a head start on virtual marketing and wholesaling which helped me get to where I am today.

My guest today, Robert Fendler, is one of my coaching students who has found a lot of success working in virtual markets. One of his strategies is to create what I like to call a win-win situation: basically, a deal where both the seller and the buyer benefits. Robert tells us all about a deal where he helped the buyers move in sooner, reduced their overall payment, and made himself $500 in extra cash flow at the same time.

We also talk about some of the pitfalls and issues that can arise when you do deals in a state other than the one you live in. It’s extremely important to get a good contractor, one you can trust. The key to finding a good contractor when you start working in a new area is to go off referrals. I also recommend getting daily picture updates so you can make sure that they are staying on track.

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What’s Inside:

  • Live coaching call with one of my students.
  • Wholesaling in different states virtually.
  • Create win-win situations.
  • How to choose a contractor in a virtual market.

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Gavin:  Hey, guys. Welcome to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms. Hey, guys, how you doing? Welcome back to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms today is a little bit random. I am doing a pop up coaching call. Basically, what that is, I’ve done them in the past. I literally go into one of our Facebook groups and say, Hey right, in 15 minutes, who wants a free coaching call and then people will go, Yeah, me, and then we’ll go, Right? Here’s the link, and here we go. So we have right now someone I guess I’m going to bring over here is in one of our calls. Groups is not in my coaching private group is in one of the courses, so I’m going to bring you over. We’re going to talk about what he’s got going on. If he needs help with anything, we don’t really know what we’re going to talk about. Yet that is the beauty of this episode. So let me bring him over. Here he is. Robert, how are you?

Robert:  I’m doing good. Good to see you, Gavin.

Gavin:  Yeah, yeah. Likewise, likewise. Well, hey, I appreciate it. As I said when I posted this, this is random. I call this a pop up coaching call. I know you from commenting on some of the stuff that I do. I know I just did a podcast that you read a lot with Luke Brown. So guys, check that out. And I know you’ve been watching some of the other stuff from YouTube and the podcast and within the within the group. So I appreciate you kind of step in or reaching out and going, Yeah, let’s do this. So Robert, how are you?

Robert:  I’m doing well. Weather’s nice and wet, so that’s what we need because all the fires that we’re out here. So the rain for the past couple of days been really good for our area. Well, staying busy real estate is exciting.

Gavin:  And what area where are you?

Robert:  We’re in the north north part of California? So we’re about maybe an hour from the Oregon border and about two and a half three hours north of Sacramento.

Gavin:  Got it. OK, awesome. California Yeah. So yeah, if you’re getting some, some wet weather there, that’s probably again, like you just said, I know you’ve had some crazy fires, and so I’m glad, glad to hear that. So that’s why you live in. You’ve been following us for a while. You’ve been in the group for a while. You’ve been following as you’ve been doing deals, which is awesome, literally taking massive action and following the steps. So tell me, kind of, where are you doing deals? What are you got going on? Give us a background on you and what’s happening and we’ll kind of go from there.

Robert:  Sure, sure. So I’ve been doing a lot of deals subject to this. Thanks to you and Joe. I did my very first sandwich lease option last year that turned out to be really tremendous. I bought it as a Chuma. I got is a sandwich lease option. A friend of mine was leaving town. We lived in a place called Alturas, California, which nachmanoff hours east of us, very small town. Twenty six hundred people and I knew this guy and he was like, Hey, I’m moving out of town. I just need to get rid of my house. I’ll give it to you for what I want. So I was like, Okay, so it just so happened that I was going through your training with Joe. You guys just sandwich lease options. So I put him into a sandwich. This option, I found a family of six who really just they didn’t qualify right now to buy a house, but they really needed a big house. The house needs a lot of work. They said, we’ll take a fixer upper. So I put them in that and they told me that middle of this year they said, You know what, if we’re not going to be able to exercise our ability to take the option right now and we get an extension? I said, Well, let me think about it and work on that. And at the time, I bought it for around one twenty two. And because of me, a lot of fixing up, I sold a 10 for one. The lease option was for one thirty two. So because we were canceling the contract, I was able to come back with COVID and everything in the market is just soaring, right? So I went and the house was valued at like over two hundred thousand. Wow. So and I’m not a greedy person. I just want to help people. So I turn around. I said, you know, I bought the house subject to from the owner. So I got so I just converted it from a lease option to sub two and turned around. And I said, Hey, how about if I carry the note for you and your family and you can start owning it today and they’re like, Love it, it’s great. So I thought I said, the price is going to go up, I said, but I’d be able to save you and your monthly. So I got them to buy it now for one eighty eight beautiful site. So I made an extra fifty dollars on the back end. And so they’re buying it for 188 and their payments. I’m making roughly $500 a month cash flow off of that.

Gavin:  Awesome. So how much did you drop that payment from when the original lease option?

Robert:  Well, great question. So what happened was the lease option was twelve hundred. And when they came to me, I wanted eight thousand for downpayment. I had to. So over 12 months, they were paying me an extra five hundred a month. So they were used to paying me seventeen hundred. So when I factored it in, I think there are only like six or seven percent, but it’s now like sixteen thousand six hundred a month, so I dropped it about a hundred a month because I used to pay me seventeen hundred, so more than the least bit less than what they were paying me overall.

Gavin:  I got it. And obviously with the with the new amount of one hundred and eighty of the, he said, how were they about that? Were they all down? Because again, you’ve solved that problem with them actually owning immediately? So they were cool with that.

Robert:  Yeah, because what I did was I gave them the $8000 credit because actually in August, when we closed, it made their final downpayment payments with five hundred. So I gave them full credit and I gave them I told them in the lease option I was given them. I think it was two hundred dollars rent credit, so I gave them all that credit because I knew I was making a bigger spread. I could afford to lose a little by giving them the credit and making them feel like they were really accomplish something great. And they were. I mean, you know, the husband said to me, I work a lot with the wife. She’s the one who kind of pretty much dictated how to do things. But the husband was like, Well, we got all done signing, he says, I just want to thank you so much because you’re willing to help us when nobody else would.

Gavin:  And is that not amazing?

Robert:  It is. It’s amazing to feel that kind of even gets me like, I like goose bumps, you know, has my arms, you know.

Gavin:  It’s incredible because exactly everyone thinks it’s about obviously money and you’re in business to make money, right? And you just did. But again, you’ve got a family. This in a house that couldn’t qualify still for the loan, haven’t made them monthly payments. You got creative on the down payment where a lot would have turned them away, but you let them in. Now, not many investors would have thought two thousand dollars down right with them doing a back of the six thousand over payments, right? Not many people would have done that. So you took a chance on a family. So you already done things that most even people in our industry in all creative ways would have gone for the more money down. Right, right. So that’s amazing in itself. And again, when you get that they’re now owning their first home or their home as it stands, when they’ve been making them payments and their monthly has gone down overall, which is obviously which is huge. So it’s a win win win all around. Absolute good job. Fantastic on your behalf and you’re doing the deal in California, where no one can do it deliberately. So that’s awesome as well.

Robert:  Well, fortunately in that area, I have eight homes that I’ve acquired in all terms. And like I said, I mean, when I first, when I did my first deal, yeah, when I did my first job, I was like, There’s no way I’m going to get a deal. My town is too small. I need to go to the next nearest town, which is where I’m living now, reading, which is two and a half hours away. So it was a challenge to do the marketing and really seeing homes because back then I started virtual. Buying and selling wasn’t the big hype or being taught a lot. Right? Yeah. Yeah, no, absolutely.

Gavin:  I mean, I’ve always been virtual, but you’re exactly right. When COVID is virtual, now the new thing and it was good. I guess I got lucky because I had the I already had a model that worked it out of it. I didn’t know that until it happened, but literally I did every one was virtual machine. Everything I do is virtual, so I was just a normal day at the office, right? Right. Everyone else is scrambling and panicking. So and now people see the virtual way. Now virtual is now the new norm because people see that they have to make them changes. That will work well in that you say, Oh, you can’t do this virtual, you have to be in-person, you have to do this. This, this this. No, you don’t. Now they were forced to do that. A lot of people have changed. Change the tune on that. Awesome. So you’ve done that deal. That’s fantastic. So now moving on, you’ve done a in that area. What else have you got going on now? You just located in that and you’re focusing on the small towns there? Or are you going in different, different areas?

Robert:  Well, going to different areas now because of Joe and yourself. I was on the Facebook page and one of the people to sign up through Joe’s program had asked the question, and I simply replied, Like many of us do many of your trainees or centuries, we give our feedback along with Joe, and you give feedback to people’s questions. So this one guy reached out to me after my response and we just got to talking and eventually we created a partnership. So now we actually have an LLC together and we he’s in Georgia. But we bought a house, our first house together in Mississippi. And so, yeah, it was amazing. So he had found the house got these motivated couple who unfortunately their son had passed away. I don’t know how long ago, but so they wanted out of their house. Only owed about thirty thousand. So he promised them, I want to say it was like around six thousand out of pocket for them to move out. And then the remaining. It was like thirty thousand thirty, thirty thirty one thousand, I think so we took off our sub two and then they stayed in the house, so I was like, I knew I should have done that holdover agreement. So I was like, Look at again this holdover agreement. Yeah, it’s gone. They signed it off, which was really good because they could have refused and just squatted. But but they were really nice couple and they signed it. And so basically the the we paid them like half up front and then we were going to give them the other half when they moved out because they took like a month and a half longer. We had to we got to pay them less to move out, OK, and now they’re out now. Now they’re out. And we’re doing a little bit of rehabbing because the kitchen was a little bit of a mess and some of the flooring was just need a little bit of fixing up. So and we’re repainting the house, doing the lipstick work.

Gavin:  Yeah. And so and how are you running that virtually?

Robert:  Well, I’ve we contracted with a contractor there and I’ve been working with him pretty regularly. And so just talking with him and he actually my partner found him. I guess he vetted him. And so once we got going because I have the experience, so this is his very first deal. So he’s just learning off of my experiences and timing along with everything you guys are training. I’m mentoring him as well through the experiences I’ve had. So this really turned out to be a good experience.

Gavin:  Excellent. No, that’s great. And this is awesome because this is supposed to be a coaching call. It’s turned more into an interview, but this is great stuff. People are learning, right? And that’s I have no idea what we’re going to do. So with that contractor? So he found him. You’re dealing with him. Are you getting any like picture updates? Are you paying him after the work? Don’t you pay any money upfront? How are you? How are you doing that?

Robert:  Great question. So we we I sent him a contract that I had gotten through my mentor, and so I wanted to let him know what was expected. He sent me his contract, give us a breakdown of what he thought needed to be done. And so we signed our contracts. So basically, he gives me an update. We talk probably almost every other day on average. Sometimes it’s a couple of days in a row and then obviously the weekends off stuff like that. So we do keep in touch. He sent me a few pictures, mostly sent me before pictures like Paul found the problem. Let’s fix this and give him the thumbs up and they go and fix it. And then they’re supposed to send me pictures afterwards when it’s all done. So watching the kitchen, we were able to save some money on different things, but it just needed an upgrade. New countertops and the cabinets cabinet. The doors were all there, but they were all off for some reason. OK. And so they just repainted them. I guess the owners have bought new hinges and door nails, but never put them back on. So fortunately, it saved us a lot of money, and he’s taken care of that. And then the other little things like buying paint, I spoke with them. Just having to speak on this is like, Hey, I’m running out a little bit of paint. Tried to call you. I know we’re like two hours difference. So he just went to the store and bought the paint. And I’ll just be like…

Gavin:  Where is this house in Mississippi?

Robert:  Place called Meridian.

Gavin:  Meridian. Is that near Jackson?

Robert:  I’m not sure it’s in the Lauderdale County. I do know that, but I’m not sure if Jackson’s do that. We were delayed yet, actually, um, two houses in Mississippi.

Gavin:  OK, let’s also not be. I mean, I don’t I don’t know how many hours in Birmingham, Alabama, and I’ve still only been there twice when I’ve done tons and never know anything. And I actually couldn’t believe when I when I went out, we had three or four foot flips on the go and I went to do some video content in the houses. First time me being there and seeing them, and I couldn’t believe how much I’ll spread out. It was not worth this market for three four years and I’ll go when I was like twenty five minutes, 30 minutes, the next assholes. What was the weather all over the place? So you don’t realize like, so I don’t I don’t blame you. I think it’s actually pretty good when you don’t know you’re doing deals. One thing I will share in Mississippi is I’ve done business. There is they are renowned. I think it’s because it’s clay based that they have a lot of foundation issues. I’m not saying all over Mississippi, but I know Jackson where we were a lot of places that have foundation problems. So just watch out for that. If you’re taking them, so too, if you’re taking them down right or whatever foundation is a problem in Mississippi. So you definitely want to get that look to here having to just mention the doors some of the better because we’re closing well. So he’s going to go under need just to make sure. And if he has to jack up an inch or so essence just to make it work better. So, yeah, so I was familiar with not that much work like you’re talking about, but I was at least familiar with the somesuch foundation issues. We know that we had a low we had on Wednesday alone at least six deals that we lost on foundation. Wow. And it was getting super frustrating. So because we were like these among the deals as well. I mean, we did it on. I think we did. We did well over. 100 grand on four or five deals in Mississippi, which was great, and we should have done way more and the numbers look great, but it was the foundation that was kind of killing us. So again, just just be mindful of that, and I’m not saying that that’s all over. Mississippi is definitely where we were so busy with the clay base or something, if I remember, rightly so. Just keep that. Keep that in mind.

Robert:  Can I ask you a question? Absolutely. Because you bring up a good point. And how do you go about vetting contractors because you’re doing it virtually? You’re not familiar with that area. Like when you first started Alabama, I imagine you probably had after a while you got some good contractors you worked with, so you kept them through all their homes. But how did you start vetting contractors so that I can be whereas we’re moving into like we’re doing in Tennessee and other places too?

Gavin:  I think it’s it’s definitely one of the hardest things. You know, I talked about this before. I’m going to be doing another update podcast on this. We’ve got three right now that we’re finishing off, and I have a business partner that who runs the jobs and the contractors. So she does some of the vetting, but we did just get stitched up a little bit on one of them that’s been working with us for a while. So I think it is a common, a common problem, but I would work full with referrals. So if you like one that you like that delivers for you, go off referrals of what they tell you. So who who do you recommend for Pike? They do a good job and they’re on top of it. Their referrals can go a long way. So that’s one thing I tell you. The other thing is as well not only do you want. And this is more position up front, but not only do you want before pictures, but you want daily updated pictures. And if you position that as I, it’s not that you don’t believe them, but this is how you run it from a virtual. This is a standard. This is how we do it. This is our process. So that’s what you expect from the get go is huge because what you’ll find is people will say that they have done something when they haven’t or they think someone else in that team has done it and they have all the blatantly lying thinking, I’ll call up on it. I need to run that this weekend and do it, and then it doesn’t ever get done. And then you start paying for things that don’t. I would say not wait for the job to get done. What pictures during the job? OK, which is be huge. That’s one thing that we weren’t doing, and that would have saved us a lot of time because again you’re paying for things that you’re being told are done. And normally where we had a problem that we added a general contractor run in the job and then things weren’t getting done. So that was the issue. So you’re only as good as your team is going to. UGC. UGC is sober now and things are getting done. You can see where it gets in a mess. So obviously back in again, so. But the question is to look at referrals and you’re going to have to unfortunately do what if you’re going into a new market? I would probably if I’m going to Tennessee, this is what I would do is I would pull a list where my property is. I pull cash buyers list in that area. I’d look at active flippers in that area. Again, I use it prop stream. If you had property in Gavin Dark Comedy, a seven day free trial. If you already have Prop Street, you look at the active flippers in the area you call that realtor. That’s got the listing all that cash buyer. And you just say, Hey, I’m just picking up a property down the street from yours. If you don’t mind, do you have anyone that you recommend to do any work on this property? And then they may say as long as it’s not their direct crew, because then they won’t give it you like if they’re running a directory with the Oh yeah, I have a great handyman or I have a great painter, someone that I trust. He’s done 50 houses for me. OK, great. Who is that? Then you get that contact, then you build on from there and go, you have this great painter. Hey, this came from a referral. We are going to need. Some paint were doing, but I’m actually looking for a drywall person. Do you know anyone? Oh yeah, have a great drywall person that I recommend. So that often through that referral base gets you a better quality for the most part. So that’s what I would try. But again, I’m not sitting there saying that we buy the fun run of it because it’s been a nightmare. But that’s what I would do.

Robert:  Great. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Gavin:  So you’re looking to go in Tennessee, you’re in Mississippi, you’ve got a partner in Georgia, which I love because again, I think partnerships are great. I do everything through partnerships and deals, blitz and everything. I just think that’s the way it should be done. So that’s really good. So how are you finding these deals and how are you marketing to these deals by going into one minute? Got this guy in Georgia and we know came from the group? Now you’re going to Mississippi. Well, what marketing did you get? Where did that they’ll come from?

Robert:  He got the lead. I don’t know exactly how he’s getting his leads. I know he used props team. I know he uses real simple. I’m not exactly sure if he’s scrubbing leads through Zillow or where he’s getting his leads. I think he was actually, I could be wrong. For some leads for a while, so but the first house, he got to really call them up and spoke to them. The second one we got was a wholesaler and the wholesaler. I want to say he did. I get a. I think I saw him on Facebook promoting through the we had gone on Mississippi’s marketplace for Meridian. I think it was posted on the Facebook Meridian Classifieds. And so I reached out to him about the information. We got contacted and did a wholesale deal with him that was up in the recreational area where they have tell me they do fishing like year round fishing competitions year round. So here’s how that deal worked out. Your real, I guess he negotiated. Now here’s a kid I want to say he’s 19 years old in college. It was his first wholesale deal. He’s working with some mentors and he negotiated with the seller for I think the House was one seventy five and then he wanted five thousand for a wholesale deal, and he had negotiated three hundred dollars a month and fifteen thousand down. So I went and looked at it and I said, Hey, I said, I can’t do $175, you want seven and then we’ll give him the five. And he was telling me some bad experiences. He had other investors call and trying to work the seller down to 140 and was only going to give him like fifteen hundred. And I said, no. So you’ve done an amazing job. He really did a good job of getting all the information together. So I was like, I’m not going to change it. So you’re going to get the five thousand and I know we’re going to do more deals. And like I said, I’m using college. This was huge for him. So, so he got a grant. Yeah, yeah. And so, yeah, matter of fact, after we send the money, talk to me a couple of days, Larry says, I just want to thank you. I had a great steak dinner tonight. Oh, bless. How many college kids get a great steak dinner, you know?

Gavin:  Yeah, but the biggest thing is that you did there was you’ve now made him hungrier. What’s he going to do next? I’m going to bring you more deals, right? He’s now you’ve got another mini partner in the deal. And all of a sudden. So it sounds to me, a lot of your marketing is the way that I was doing it before is through networking.

Robert:  Yeah, most of the time it’s always networking. But going back to California, where I started, it was always just find one house and buying another, and then eventually my name started getting out around town. Now, as a pastor in the towns, my name is already out there for being a pastor, a church. But when they started hearing that I was buying houses and helping other people who couldn’t get into a house. People started calling me up, whether it be to buy their house or to help them find a house. And they would call me up, say, Hey, do you have any house for rent or for sale? So, yeah, so that took off. But it’s always been about network. So going back to that deal in Mississippi, he had negotiated with the seller for three hundred dollars a month, zero interest over a seven year period. So I said, I’ll take that deal, but I only want to pay one seventy one seventy five. So we gave her the fifteen thousand, actually. She actually had to lean on the property for a little over four. So we paid her like eleven and we took the four thousand and paid off the lease. And then I also put in the contract wouldn’t pay her three hundred until December because we needed to do some updates. Nice. And she went for it. So we’re paying her three hundred and zero interest starting in December for seven years. And the house we got, like I said, at one seventy eight and five thousand and we’re now getting ready to listed for around two, around 240. Beautiful.

Gavin:  Amazing. And here’s the thing again, with creative deals, right, is that if you don’t actually don’t get and you just say, Hey, I’m not making a payment, and now if you’re against solving the problem, what people need to take and understand with creative deals deals in general is that you can only work with motivated people. Right? I can’t turn, not motivate people into motivated people through creative finance. It doesn’t work. They have a situation and your job is to get creative to solve the problem. If you can do that, you have a deal that is is being able to be done right, a deal that you can put together to solve that problem that works for everyone. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. And I think a lot of people out there, what they do is that they focus on no motivation deals that they try and turn into motivated motivation. So you got to flip that around. You’ve got to go through your marketing, go through your questions, go through them four pillars of the situation. The problem, the motivation right is number one, going through the timeline, how quickly are they trying to do something going through the condition of the property and then the price? And if you can find this information out, then you can solve that problem and give and take. Saying, Hey, we’ll give you this prize, but we’re not making payments of this. We’ll take this prize and we’ll give you X payment per month and to be fair to the kid who did the negotiation to start with. Right? Going in with no interest. Don’t talk about interest if it’s not being bought. Right, right. A lot of people get creative, bring their own roadblocks to the table. They create their own problems by over talking. By using terminology that’s not needed, right? By going, Oh, how much do you want down or how much interest do you want me to pay? No one talks about money down. No one talks about interest. Now you come to mention it want 20 grand down and off six percent interest, please. That’s a great way of not thought about that because I was about to do it for nothing down because you were going to solve my problem. So. Yes, that’s that’s that’s really, really good. So you are networking. I called my company all right network because I 100 percent believe in this, right? And you are now obviously moving deals and people are bringing you leads, which is genius because your overhead is low. You’re working with already pre motivated sellers, right? Which is great. And you’re getting deals done not only now, just in California. You do it in multiple states growing into other states. So amazing. Amazing. Amazing. So good job.

Robert:  I even have a house in Maryland that I got with my brother a couple of years back. So we carried that as a rental. It was our first rental from my first rental. He was a fiction flipper. For years, he’s been on HGTV. And so I finally convinced them, Hey, I got a easier way to do it where we spend less money. So end up buying this house up to you want to do it as a rental? We did that for about a year and then we turned around, sold it under finance. So yeah, so it’s it’s really fun. It’s it’s not hard to do like you guys teach. It’s really not hard to do. It’s it’s as hard as you make it if you make it fun, if you go out and you want to. My heart is always to help people, whether it be because I’m a pastor. But even before I became a pastor, I’ve always wanted to help people to empower them to encourage them. And by being able to go out there and say, I’m going to help this person, if they have a problem, you can solve it. If they don’t have a problem, like you said, you know, you can’t try unmotivated or a person who doesn’t have a problem. You can’t say, Oh, by the way, you have a problem and I’ll saw before. It’s like, I don’t have a problem.

Gavin:  I know 100 percent. I think you’re exactly right. There’s too many people in this industry that go in and go, How do I make money in this deal? How do I benefit from this deal? And it’s completely wrong. If you solve the problem, you make money. Yeah, that’s a given. Right? You’re creating a Win-Win. Both people win if there’s not a problem there. You can’t create a problem because now you’re being sleazy in salesy when they don’t have a problem. Don’t take a house of two if it’s not the right, the right thing to do. Yeah. For me, it’s always been. The profit is the icing on the cake. So I go for the cake and I go for the cake, and the icing is just that much sweeter for me. I mean, you know, some people will relate that for me. I pray about everything when I when I’m, when I’m trying to figure out how much to sell it for. I can look at all the comps. And typically my heart has always been. I want the buyer, my buyer, to have some equity in the house, whether the one percent, 10 percent, 20 percent, you know, like I said, with the one house I got as a lease option, converted it. I mean, you know, the house is worth 220 and I spoke to them for one eighty eight. So they had a lot of good equity going into it and the value kept going up even after we closed. So they’re happy to know that they could turn around and get a loan in a month if they wanted and have that much equity and ease of getting a loan because the fact that somebody is going to a bank to look at that and go, well, the house for two hundred and twenty and you only want one sixty. Done deal.

Gavin:  Yeah. So it helps everybody. Yeah, I love that. I love that. Well, Robert, thank you so much. Hopefully, again this term, more into an interview than a coaching call, but I appreciate you sharing things. Then the listeners are going to get a lot from this in terms of, you know, JB and in terms of, you know, focusing on the seller, solving the problems the money will come know and they got to look at how you still want solve that problem. On that first deal, you renegotiated the deal to get an extra fifty thousand dollars while still leaving thirty thousand in somebody else’s pocket in terms of equity. And they were still raving fans and happy and and couldn’t thank you enough. And that’s what this business is all about. Know using creative financing the right way, doing the right thing. So I just want to say great job and I appreciate you and thank you for following us and interacting like you do in the group and on and on a lot of the stuff that I do as well on YouTube. So thank you for that as well. Anything else you wanted before we done any of the last questions?

Robert:  No, I just want to say thank you. I mean, between you and Joe, you guys have really imparted a lot of good wisdom, including today with regards to how to work with contractors. It’s something that I’m going to act on immediately. He was actually trying to call me while we were on this call. So I’m definitely going to use that and I just can’t thank you enough just for this opportunity to to share, as well as to gain a few gold nuggets today vary in value.

Gavin:  Well, thank you from Rob if anyone’s listening anada ever ask you this before? So if you don’t have anything, we can add it. Well, if you have an email you want to drop or we can put it in the note after, if you want to get a separate email again, I don’t want to give your personal information away or anything like that. So if you have something, you can drop it or give it to me after and we can put in the show notes anyone wants to reach out. Someone’s got a deal or something like that, and you might be interested in some opportunity there.

Robert:  For sure. Yeah, I mean, the great thing is that through this, like we say, networking, I was able to get through my other mentor. I was at a training conference and we had talk. And so he’s become my financier for some of our deals. We’ve actually partnered 50 50 on some housing deals. This last deal in Mississippi, instead of taking money in my pocket, you gave me the 20 grand we needed to close. And so he’s getting eight percent return and he’s happy because we were working together for the past three or four years now. Yeah. So and as far as, yeah, I mean, I have no problems answering people’s calls or helping them out. So I mean, I can send you my email. It’s real easy. It’s [email protected]

Gavin:  So yeah, awesome. Robert, again, thank you so much. And if you guys, if you have any questions, make sure you put them in the comments. I know Rob is active on my channel, so you’ll be able to get them as well. Make sure you like and subscribe. And if you’re interested in working with me, go to You want to get involved in our group where we actually get deals done? Make things happen. Change lives, make sure you reach out. Let’s go and Robert again. Thank you so much. Have a good day.

Robert:  Thank you. And God bless, bye.