Pepe Campos is a client of mine and I wanted to bring him on to pick his brain on a great deal he just did. He’s a civil engineer who got into real estate a couple of years ago. Pepe became interested in lease options, started exploring on his own, heard about my marketing systems, which led him to come work with me. He really knows the value of being consistent and he couldn’t have done his recent deal without it.

Pepe breaks down how he made $35,000 on an assignment after paying a seller on a creative deal that had been on the market for 6 months and didn’t sell. Your first option might not always work with your buyer or seller so it’s up to you to get creative and transition to some new ideas. He also created a great sense of trust with the owner in this deal and stayed honest when presenting different creative financing alternatives.

Getting into a confident mindset that you’re capable of closing deals can take you far in real estate, especially when you’re just starting out. So many people want instant gratification and money for doing little to no work, and that kind of attitude doesn’t make things happen. Pepe is proof that when you stick with it, you can walk away with a lot more than you bargained for.

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What’s Inside:

  • Why consistency is important when finding and closing deals.
  • How creating trust and building rapport can go a long way.
  • Why it pays to stay motivated and get out of your comfort zone.

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Gavin:  Hey, guys, welcome to the Network podcast with me. Gavin Timms. Hey, guys, how you doing, Gavin Timms on the REI Network podcast, Welcome back. Today I have one of my clients joining me who’s just done a crazy, great deal somewhere to be bringing him over. We’re going to pick his brain on kind of where the lead came from, what he did and how he got this over the line. So let me bring him across right now. Pepe Campos, how are we?  

Pepe:   I’m awesome. How are you Gavin?  

Gavin:  Good, No, I appreciate it. I know I was. I wouldn’t say I was sounding you, but I was like, No, you need to get on a podcast because one of the things that you’re doing, people need to know who you are in your space. And also you just feel a great deal that I want to talk about. OK, so just before we dive in to the deal and kind of all that Pepe, you give us a little bit of backstory about you kind of what your background was when you came into real estate, what you’ve been up to?  

Pepe:   Well, I am a civil engineer, actually. I’ve been doing construction heavy civil construction projects for the last 18 years and being project manager of several construction projects. I got into real estate a couple of years ago. You know, I am a great student, not real state student for a couple of years. And then, you know, I just go for one other mentor. The lease options and I started exploring the list throughout the year. Lease options. And then one day I heard about your systems and the way that you are consistent, you know, making deals so much in not a marketing machine. So that’s what I getting interested in what you are doing. And then I started getting it, working with you on my systems.  

Gavin:   Absolutely. And what’s good about it as well, you know, with, you know, with you, is the fact of you take massive actually new or consistent, right? And you’re also been out of your comfort zone. You were the first to say, Hey, I’m not great at sales, I’m not great on the phone, you know, I’m kind of worried about it, all of that and things. So I think it’s good to see that, you know, the deals now that you’re negotiating in a creative finance way, right? Which is what we’re going to lead into. And I think that’s important for everybody else is watching here, right? The first thing is is you have an accent, right? I have an accent, right? Oh, is that a worry? And it’s like, No, you have to. It isn’t a worry. It’s about sticking to the job at hand, being confident in the sales cycle, talking to people, if you make it a worry and a big deal is going to become a big deal. Right. And I’ve done live calls Pepe. I’m from England, as you know. I will call people in Kentucky in Alabama. Did not make a big deal about it. And is it a big deal? Yeah, people are saying, Hey, where are you from? I’m from England. I do this. This is but you just move it along. How’s that been for you?  

Pepe:   I agree with you 100 percent, and that is an internal roadblock that we impose ourselves because I was exactly the same thing. I was like, I I cannot do cold calls. I have an accent, so I’m not good at speaking English. You know, people don’t feel that I am real or I am a real business. Not. So I was blocking myself of doing this deal because I was not confident on me on the speaking. But then, you know, you start giving me like head up on ideas of what to do, how to call, you know? So I start getting used to the phone. Yeah. Now I don’t have any problem picking up the phone and looking to the sellers of the buyer, you know?  

Gavin:   Yeah, no, it’s great. It’s great to see that transition. Has been amazing. And as you know, now when there’s motivation, who cares where you’re from, right? Who cares about your website when the motivated, when the not motivated they got nothing else to do other than stringing you along and asking you about your background and how you’ve done deals and they want to speak to everyone, every 10 by you just saying that it’s not a deal. If you just think of everyone listening, listening to us right now, think of a place in your life or a situation when you haven’t got time to do background check, try again. If you have those which like me, right, or you’ve been in construction or you could do this, you could do you could use multiple stories for this. Well, if I need a paint across, my paint is less. I’m not going to say, Hey, what referrals have you got and what houses if you pay it? And can I see your work? No, I need you to paint this wall. Can you come now? I need it done today. I’ve got time for references right in that in that instance. And that’s where you’ll see with motivated sellers. When they’re done with it, they need help. They need. They have a situation that you have a solution to. OK, and that’s what’s going to happen is a particular deal that I want to talk about here and that you’ve just done. You’ve just made thirty five thousand dollars on an assignment, thirty five thousand. That’s after paying the seller on a creative deal when this deal is on the market. Yes, on the market, on the MLS for six months and didn’t sell, you were able to take an expired listing and then turn it into thirty five thousand into your pocket, which is insane. And that’s. Well, I want to get across, I want to talk about that because that’s what people need to understand with creative finance. You had a real time how to list in overpriced and they couldn’t solve the seller’s problem. The seller didn’t want to obviously drop the price, but you were able to come in and when you didn’t get it, aggregate and I want to let you talk about this book, it’s going to pick up on a couple of things here. The option that you originally gave them wasn’t going to work, so you had to transition. So let’s talk about that. You’ve just made thirty five thousand on this deal. It expired less. Then you sent out a postcard. You get on the phone with the seller. So kind of give us a backstory of what’s going on and how this all came about.  

Pepe:   So I just say I sent this postcard through the expired listing of the MLS and the lady called me, you know, and I just said, Hey, look, I have I see here you have full asking price, you know, all the marketing from my post card and I say, Yeah, that’s probably what I can do, and I need to run the numbers and I would send you a proposal. And then after you reviewed my proposal, let’s see. That makes sense to you. So I send the price sheet to her. And then I would say, like within a few hours ago, may I say, Hey, look, are you telling me that we can sell it in this price? And the price was six hundred and you know, I’m going to get that much, um, you know, all the time. But I think, yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do. So. And you say, OK, let’s try. But you were at that time, she was saying, Hey, what about if we try? Because she already tried to set it for a long time on the MLS, so she’d say, Hey, what about if we let’s try to? Forty five days is you can, you know, you can sell the house. What happened? You have there 45 days. I want to say, Hey, my contract is very open. You know, you can you can cancel it or if you sell or whatever, you can cancel it. I am opening it that because at that time, I was just offering her a lease option agreement. I, you know, I open with that with my clients, so I did OK, let’s write. So we throw the first 45 days, I’m not going to lie. I got a lot of input on the house, a lot of interest. Like the week after I started marketing, I got a potential buyer and I wanted to put three hundred thousand dollars on the house to. So this is a $600000 house, you know? Wow. And he was very close to close the deal. You know, we went through everything but then and the same story there was another house that was for sale with a realtor. So that guy, he went for the third time that he met with me at the how he was showing my house to his family, to his daughter. And then after he met with me, he went to the other house. And when he talked to the other house, the real thought, Oh, you know, you don’t need to buy that house with $300 thousand. You can buy whatever house you can because there are other services that offer better financing. So I love that buyer.  

Gavin:   Well, a couple of points you could have given at that point, right? You’d have this thing for forty five days. It showed the buyer three times and then it fell out. You could have just put threw in the towel at that point. Right? I mean, you probably felt like it. I’ve been there myself. You’re probably like, I’m done. I’m over this house. Forget this house. I’m over it. But you did it. So anyway, continue.  

Pepe:   So but the owner is getting, you know, I think, creating trust with the owner so that you say, OK, let’s keep it. So he was already two weeks. So good marketing. And I told her, I am very aggressive in my marketing. I will get somebody and, you know, I’m getting a lot of input, so somebody would get it. So we I would think we put on other maybe a month when I go to another one buyer, this one put the earnest money. Oh, OK, well, hold on. Let me go back. I’m sorry, I changed something. During that time, I figured out that the house was paid off and that we can offer it because we the experience with that pen on buyer, I got into the experience that, Hey, we can’t afford this house as a seller finance. Yeah. So I talked to the owner, a nice seller, the seller financing way, you know, I want you to get another potential buyer for the house. So there’s a third market in the house as a lease option. And so seller financing. Yeah. And I start getting more interest for the seller financing side and then on the lease up toned down because this is a nice, expensive house. Yeah. So I start getting more interest on that one. So I got another tenant buyer interested on the house cheap with the earnest money and they were moving with the purchase of the house. And this is the one that I got you one time. Very frustrated because a week before the closing date, we were going to close on Wednesday and the Friday before he took on me, as you say, and we go with my whole family, it would go away. I am a widow and I, after all this situation, we are all very safe. We are all in a house. I’m changing my mind because I need to make sure that if something happens to me, my kids are secure, you know, so I need to save their money. And I don’t know what you wanted to do with your mind, but to change your mind. So she cancel the contract. And that was already, you know, almost a we go with day basically 30 days or 21 something days for her to close. And I was when I told you, Hey, I don’t know what, you know what I’m going to do with you. Really frustrating. So I spoke to the owner again. At that point, she was really motivated that she need to say, You know, I was being already too long for the house. She was doing whatever she can to sell the house. So I say, Hey, let’s do something less. Let’s drop the price a little bit to see if I will reach back to all the people that showed interest in the past and see if somebody wanted the house now that we ended up in the house of $15000. Yeah, I did it. And then suddenly, boom, this call. This call thing, I think, was in a Saturday night. I was already up when this guy texted me, Hey, this house still available and I say yes, so I jump out of the bed and went back to the computer. I started sending him all the details. So he’s that. Actually, he didn’t want to see the house. He said, Hey, I like in the house what I need to do to get it. I say what you need to fill out an application and also you need to go and see it. The house is to make sure that you like it, right? I was concerned about that, you see, as you walk away. So he said, No, no, I want to say, OK, that’s fine. Let’s go, let’s go. I mean, when you when you can see the whole thing, it’s a Monday afternoon like, I’ll be there. I think great meet Monday afternoon. We went there the same day he does money. He signed the contract that night and we were moving all the process. And yesterday finally, they signed the papers and now they are the house.  

Gavin:   Fantastic. I love that and there’s so many things I’ve got. I’ve got to point out here, right? Number one, the seller have the price listed for what they thought it was worth right with the realtor. And here’s where it broke down. Why didn’t sell? They will look in the active listings and active soldiers that were in it. That was the worst sale in the area, but not hers wasn’t in the same condition. So she’s looking at full remodel houses saying, Oh, I can sell because that one did well. One had been completely fixed up and hers hadn’t, and she obviously couldn’t get over this. That’s why I didn’t sell it in the first place. The other thing I need to identify for everybody is your communication with the seller you’re communicating every day, constantly giving her update. Hey, we just lost another person due to COVID. She wasn’t getting mad and frustrated with you because you were doing everything you could. You were getting headway and were happy. Everyone doesn’t do this. So guess what, if you don’t do nothing, you lose that deal immediately. If you go back and say, you know, we’re close, and I also know that fell out and you’ve not been giving them feedback constantly, right? Then, then they probably would have dropped you, right? So communication was key.  

Pepe:   Yeah, we reviewed the contract three times because the first controversial lease option contract. Yeah. When I talked to her, you know, I said, You say we have a constant communication, a least we talk. Every every time I have a showing or something, I talk to her and, you know, give her the feedback. But also, we have the contract. The first one is a lease option. The second one was the seller finance when the second one fell through. We renegotiate a contract, so I she sign it on another contract with me with a different price. And as you said, the communication was all the time superfluous and and that you said is key. That also happened with my prior clients. Basically the same way, you know, we have a really good communication and that’s why we have after the deal is close, we still have very good communication or relationship with the prior. Hopefully, one of my clients is looking for me now to do other deals. You know, he wants to to do real estate. And he already told me, Hey, I have a credit line of five hundred thousand dollars. Let’s do the real thing this summer,  

Gavin:   and that’s good from doing a great job. That’s how it, you know, conspire. But the other thing is as well, getting out of bed, right? And what time was that Tanzer? Did you say when I came in at 10:30, this is a different right, answering your phone, doing that extra step that people aren’t willing to do. That phone call made you thirty five thousand.  

Pepe:   Yes. And he told me that the tenant buyer, he told me that when the first time when we were talking, you know, I jump out of the bed and I told him, You can I call you? And he said, Yeah, go ahead. So we start talking about that time. And in that conversation, he told me, Hey, I want the house. I trust you. I like the way you. You have told me everything. You know, you haven’t make any lie to me. And he asked me something I can’t remember now, but I didn’t know the answer, and I told him, I don’t know that. I don’t think about what. I can’t figure it out. And he told me I I trust he told me that in a different location. He told me, I trust you since the very first time because you always taught me the truth and what you don’t know. You don’t try to act like, you know, everything.  

Gavin:   Absolutely.  

Pepe:   Because he told me, If I catch you. In the most literal lie, that would be all, I’m not going to do anything with you. He was, he told, He told me that yesterday when we were closing. 

Gavin:   Fantastic and that’s good and that goes back to sales again. Be honest. Yes. Say, Hey, I don’t know. Let me find out. I’ll get back to you on that answer. But let me ask you a question, right? All of them things because you’re building that rapport. And as soon as that’s been burned and you’ve been asked too much and then you’ve lost that trust, now you got to work three, four times, five times harder trying to get that back. And obviously taken. And I’m taking that action and I and the things that get you the deal, and I again have done that when I’m in England. I used to get up at three o’clock in the morning doing calls when people are getting off work and I was in Phenix know six o’clock at night, three o’clock in the morning, whatever my time, 2:00 in the morning. You have to do what you going to do to make it work. If it means a deal and I want to make ten grand, I’m going. And during the phone call, right? And that’s that’s what you’re doing. And I wanted to it was so easy just to give you say, and hey, take a picture of your check, pat pay thirty five thousand what people need to understand what goes into these deals sometimes. And of course, every deals this hard, you have to work out what they need to understand how you work for that. So. And it feels better as well because you couldn’t get most people to get to a weekend.  

Pepe:   Yeah, this one was it was a stressful for me this year because it was, I think, was the lowest, lowest one that I have more good. You know, they got a little because because the prior situation, you know, we were we were basically under contract for a month and I was not offering the house to anybody else because I already was having a contract and they fall apart. And that really screw me, you know?  

Gavin:   Yeah, absolutely. So I think there’s so many, many learning points from this, you know, that people are going to get, you know, the desire to carry on, not to give up when things keep going consistently wrong, when you don’t even really have a deal yet until it’s done. But also that creative side take in. So then that everyone’s overlord everybody for six months, for eight months, whatever this deal, from when they first decide to sell. How many people have looked at it, how many showings of they had, where they’ve literally overlooked thirty five thousand dollars and that’s thirty five thousand in your pocket. You already have 10 down to the seller to make this work and put this sale down, you know, which is which is absolutely.  

Pepe:   But she actually got more. She got $23000 in their pockets. But you know, she need to pay the taxes for the House. So that was deducted from from her the portion and also to add the energy to walk around with 11 something thousand in their pocket.  

Gavin:   Got it, and you’re out this deal now, right? You have a solid enough.  

Pepe:   Yeah. It was an assignment   

Gavin:   On a creative, on a on a seller finance. really, really good. So a couple more things I want to cover because I think already people are just going to be fired up to go and do this and be consistent. And again, getting in, I just got to get out of that and doing them little things. What makes the difference, right? I tell everyone when you are over it and you don’t want to do any more calls and you do two more, just do two more. When you don’t want to do any more, just do two more. Because guess what, then two could turn into thirty five grand ten grand 20 50. And that’s all you need to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone,  

Pepe:   And this really came during the super hot market of the whole, you know, it became literally like, you know, sunny weather when when things that my buddy was saying, there is no deals and  

Gavin:   There’s no deal. Everything sits on the market. Everything’s on the market for three days and sells. Everything’s going over asking. Well, clearly not right. Clearly not because we have obviously a case of the year and you’ve got to be in it to win it. And sometimes, but you know, obviously you’re in, you know, you’re in our group and you know, you already know what you’re doing. Sometimes our conversation is mean. Try to motivate you to keep you going. Like just keep pushing. Do not give up. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Because I just know on the the law of averages, so this is going to land is easy to put in that at the end. And sometimes you get B or, you know, and when you were, you were getting not only beat out and bulldozed over and run over 50 times. It felt like  

Pepe:   You say you don’t make post both the deal, you know, it showed to the other ones. And that is motivation. You know, when I was getting like, I’m not getting anything, this is not working. You know what? I saw your calls with Terry and Farmer, with Chris and with the other two guys that they were doing a lot of deals. I was like, Hey, if they are doing, I can do it. So I wake up,  

Gavin:   And that’s what it’s about. Absolutely. There’s no way I will get there because everyone started. And you know, and you’ve done deals, you’re doing deals. And the cool thing is, we are doing enough. We’ve mentioned this path through Dallas out there. But doing this in Texas, you’re doing lease options. Assignments in Texas, OK, you’ve done them, you are doing them, you’re doing creative. So I’d be telling people they’re listening to this if they have deals, if they have, people are interested in selling on the lease option in Texas, I’d be telling them to reach out to you. Start JV-ing because you have the back end ready to go. You know how you have the contracts. You know how to close the deal because you’ve done it. You have the paperwork. You can come in and literally co JV with them and get these things over the line and make it a win win. And I’ve been in that position myself and we’ve been working on that, you know, growing your network and I won’t say who it is, but you got people well-established in this industry now reaching out to you, to JV with you because they know what you’re all about and they know the presence that you’re going to have. And we’ve talked about dominate and you’re going to not we’re going to you’re going to dominate Dallas, OK, and the rest of Texas because of your work ethic. Why wouldn’t I come to you after I tell people the time they bring me a lease option? I’m coming to you. Hey, JV, because you’re going to get it over the line and you’re going to you’re going to do what it takes to get everyone paid, which is huge.  

Pepe:   That’s that’s true. Oh, yeah, yeah.  

Gavin:   Yeah, yeah, you have the system, you have the, you know, the we the work ethic. Again, you cannot teach that. You know, when we started to work together again, I look for certain things and people, if you’re willing to work, you’ll win. You’ll always win because if it is you, if you’re lazy, that’s when you’re going to get found out. Because when you have to push and do them extra things that people don’t want to do, when everyone wants a thirty five thousand dollar check that they all want that, they all want that.  

Pepe:   And yesterday and by yesterday, you know, to get one they wanted immediately.  

Gavin:   Absolutely, exactly. And that’s why I wanted to do this, because it was important, especially on this deal. I could’ve gotten you to post a check and oh thirty five, but people need to know what you went through because you deserve to for people to not right because they need to say, Well, I need to level or not, and every deal is not like this, right? We’re not saying everyone works like this. We’ve all got the home runs. We know you could have been the first seller in the lease option, made your money and it all gone fine and smooth. It’s real estate. Things happen with dealing with people. We’re dealing with situations, stressful situations and what you did was you came in, looked at this situation, you came in with a solution. You solve the problem. The seller’s raving about you, the buyers raving about you. You got paid. Everyone wins. Fantastic.  

Pepe:   Everyone is happy. You know, seller is happy now. She said she is retiring, so now she have a constant income, you know, make money in the mailbox that you don’t need to do anything for it to getting almost $3000 every month without doing anything. She’s there, the buyer or he’s really happy to go. And he said otherwise. He owns companies and all that. But otherwise, if it is not, by this way, he was not able to buy that property because, you know, he don’t get lost due to his. He have a construction company and all or other businesses, so he’s really compromised both. And then, you know, we provide the options so so that we can do the deal. 

Gavin:   And change in the options. I mean, there’s so many like it does that so many point and learning points in this to continue to keep going and changing and tweaking well, the seller was on board the seller like you, and that’s what we can’t overlook here is you build the relationship in the communication with the seller that you could have probably done anything you wanted. And she was on board because she believed interested in you to deliver.  

Pepe:   That’s the key. Yeah, that’s the key for all this.  

Gavin:   Yeah, absolutely. So I have a real quick I’ve got your email here. I just want to give this out to everybody, this guy lease to buy at If you have a deal in the Texas area, especially especially a creative finance lease option deal, he is going to be your guy. I’m telling you right now, you heard it here first. He’s going to dominate. I already know people. I’ve already said it in our industry that is well established. I’m not mentioning no names reaching out, doing deals already with Pepe, so guys. Make sure that you are leveling off and you are networking, I called REI Network individuals. 

Pepe:   let’s do business together.  

Gavin:   Absolutely. Let’s do it. And just before we go Pepe real quick, I wanted to ask you. We’ve changed our format over the last few months, obviously in the coaching program. You know, I know you were only in before before we changed it a little bit, but we’re going live every day and we gained some interest in debates and conversations on our calls and really push people to take action. Just just real quick. Just 30 seconds. What do you think about that new format that we’re in?  

Pepe:   I love your new format going because you have a, you know, you have a daily goal. So basically you can you can reach we can reach out to you in a daily basis. Also, you have. You have all the other students that they are presenting their problems Sunday, whatever situation is on their business and then maybe, maybe it’s not your problem right now, but it probably will be at a later time. So you know how to handle that from now. And like in our code today, the other lady was having a situation with a dealer that I was having the same situation, so we hope we can get a solution to get on the call. And you’re open to a lot more. You’re exposed to all or, you know, there’s been like like they could be financing with just, you know that that idea, the seller financing came from that, you know, from one of those huge things.  

Gavin:   So Dustin’s again, do I do deals with he’s now coaching in our program as well. Great guy just does deals. And that was for me. I don’t like the right. You came to me and I’m like, Look, I think this is what we need to do, but let me go and ask some more of it. I’m not going to be here, right? I could just give you the big one and say, Oh, I do this, but I was like, This, what do we need to do? Let me check. And he’s like, No, you know? Yeah, go and do it. And obviously, again, it’s just all coming together to get these deals over the line. You were the driver. I mean, you made it happen. So fantastic. Appreciate you and guys. If you’re interested in getting in our group, is an application. Okay? You can’t just come in. You want to go to our network dot com slash join our own network dot com slash joint. We’re looking for the right to the right people. We are on Zoom like this. This is not a webinar we’re on. We’re on VIDEO If it’s live people can interrupt and ask and not argue, but hey, you got like, there’s no hiding right? And that’s good because that’s what people need and they see the rawness of it, of what people are doing in the winds and what they needed to change and learn in a more about I dig, I dig. Like how you did a deal. 20 grand. Awesome. What did you do? How did you do? It is that’s what people are going to learn from is now in Wow, I’m just making one phone call and not making an offer, and I’m trying to make thirty five grand this. I know that’s not how this is. You know, you have to be consistent, persistent, you know, disciplined to do in your day to day things to get to get the outcome. So really, really good. Awesome. Anything else, pat pay before we’re done?  

Pepe:   Thank you so much. Thank you for your help. You know you’re like me for all these. I’m much more, you know? 

Gavin:   Absolutely. Again, I’m going to be bringing more clients on, and some of you guys are like, Oh, you want me, let alone be on a podcast like, yeah, because this is what people learn. They don’t want to listen. So under 50 deals, 50 deals a month with 10 deals on your grandma, what is that at home things? Then the mindset between where they are and where this person is speaking? Yes, it’s impressive, but we need the people that are on the firing line that are doing it, change in their life to get to level up to the top right. And that’s what I’m trying to get across in these episodes. And and and if you change, if you change one person, right, the guys behind the phone or does not one step and doesn’t give what we all need to do it once and it’s been worth the awesome pepper. You’re the man again, guys. If you have any deals you want to collaborate slash in the Texas market. Apparently, what had no one does lease options. Well, here he is this guy here to make sure this guy lease to buy at Gmail dot com go and send him an email, right? And you don’t want to. Here’s the thing we all we all have education. We all pay for education. Bring your deals right. Bring your contracts and collaborate. Or, Hey, I got this. Sell out things on that, on the line. You know, maybe people will come on and how we negotiate their conversations that you guys need to be collaborating on your deadlines, your deadlines.  

Pepe:   We may convert them, you know,  

Gavin:   Absolutely dead leads. If you’re a wholesaler listed in Texas San Antonio, Austin doesn’t matter where you’re at bringing me dead leads. He’ll work them all day. Because what was that? If an expired listing on the MLS? The deadline is a dead end that turned thirty five. So if you’re not doing it, there’s obviously an option to do so. Appreciate you Pepe. Have a good, a good day, a great weekend, and I will see you on the next call, bud. 

Pepe:   Alright Thank you, Gavin. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye.