Joe McCall and I are hosting an upcoming three-day virtual event. It’s 100% free and it starts January 24th – we’d love for you all to come and join us live. We’re also offering a VIP option that includes extra coaching calls in the evenings on the days of the live events. Check out all the details in the links below.

The strategies we’re going to share are tried and tested – proven to work to take your real estate business to the next level this 2022. It’s going to be loaded with information, great insights and definitely a whole lot of value!

We’re going to focus the event on what we would do if Joe and I lost everything and had to start our real estate businesses over again from scratch. Joe is going to focus on land investing, and I’ll be covering single family deals. We’ll be walking you through live examples, using our mind map and the tools we use for marketing and research. I’m super excited about this event and we’re excited to help you guys get your 2022 off to a great start. 

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What’s Inside:

  • Information on the upcoming New Market Challenge.
  • A summary of how I would start my real estate business over from scratch.

Hey, guys, welcome to the REI Network podcast with me Gavin Timms. Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network. Welcome back with another episode. I am super, super excited to share. And then today, me and Joe McCall are going to be doing a new three day virtual event. OK. This is a three day challenge. It is one hundred percent free, and I want to talk about it in this episode because I want you all to come and join us live. Okay, so this is to get there. When we tell you how to get there first, you’re going to go to new market challenge dot com. So you going to go to a new market challenge dot com. In fact, why don’t I just share my screen that you all listed on the podcast? I’m going to share my screen here, but I’m actually going to talk through it as well. So let’s do awesome. So here it is. You’re going to go to new market challenge dot com. When you get here, you’re going to go down and you can then join and you’re going to go. It’s going to take you to a new Facebook group now in this challenge. OK, we are going to be it’s going to be jam packed. We’re going to be doing giveaways. It’s going to be super active. We’re going to be talking about the best strategies for 2020, too. OK. We’re going to be talking about the simple steps that you need to follow in kind of day one in your real estate business. We’re going to be covering a lot about the mindset and the breakthrough in the barriers that people have. OK, we are going to be doing talking about how to do this virtually and kind of what markets you can be going. And we’re going to be talking about the best market in the world today, and there’s going to be a ton more. So you’ve got to go here right now. OK. Like I said, it’s free if you are listening to watching.

We’re going to be starting this on January 24th. So this is time sensitive so see if you can come in. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to cap it. We might have to cap this. So you want to get in straight away because I don’t know how many we can have on the lives. OK. So make sure you get straight in that. Also, what’s pretty cool, guys, is let me come back and I’m going to share again in a minute. The other thing is we’re going to be then doing a VIP. OK, so the next thing, once you’ve gone to new market challenge and got in that you’re then going to go to new market change dot com slash VIP. Now this is something that is also awesome. Me and Joe, we talk about often life. We lost everything and we have to start again. What would we do? So we’re actually going to be demonstrating and actually doing that. So if you want to go into the VIP, you’re going to get the you’re going to get extra coaching calls on the day of the lives in the evening to answer all your questions. There’s going to be the line that you’re going to be able to get from the trainings and there’s going to be a two day virtual event that we’re going to be doing in February. And then also we’re going to be going in addition to a live market again as we lost everything and we need to start all over again. What would we do? And we’re actually going to be document and demonstrate in this, OK? So if you want access to that, you’re going to get an early bird special on that to go to the new market challenge dot com slash VIP will go up by about $100. I believe when we start the challenge or a week before the challenge, again, the challenge is really start on January 24th lies in the Facebook group. So you’re going to remember new market challenge dot com first. And then if you want to get in on the VIP, the early bird special, that’s where you’re going to get a two day event that we’re going to be doing virtual event where we literally dove into the systems, the strategies and everything more in depth. You’re going to be getting extra coaching calls on the day of the challenge, the mind map and also watching literally us, looking over our shoulder as we go into a new market.

The cool thing is, Joe is going to be going into a market to do with land invested. I’m going to be going to do with actual single family on the real estate side. Okay? So we’re super, super excited. And again, there’s going to be a ton of value. So I’m just going to talk a little bit more and finally share my my screen here. This is the new market challenge dot com VIP. So there’s a video of me and Joe talking, and you’ll see the pricing is just one hundred ninety seven dollars if you get in early. Again, you get the exclusive VIP and Q&A calls, you get the mind map and the workbook. You’re going to get the post-challenge. What I just said, if we’re going to a new market, you’re going to get the two day bootcamp in February, which is going to be awesome. And also you’re going to have access to everything. There’s some calculators and some of the stuff that we’re going to be giving away. So make sure that you check and get on that as soon as possible. OK. Anyway, I’m going to talk to you about a few things that if I lost everything, what would I do? Let me give you a little sneak preview here. Obviously, the. If I lost everything, I didn’t have any money. I’ve obviously got to work harder. OK, now there’s three things in the business this time money or both. So if you don’t have any money, you need to work harder than the person that does it. Just it is the way it is. And that’s how I started. I didn’t have the money. I have the time when I busted it to get deals done and actually get ahead and start making this money making money in this business and then transferring into systems and actually build on that. So identify where you’re at with that. Now again, if I lost everything, I’ve got to be doing things myself. So of course, maybe I can scrape together 100 or 200 bucks. Mean, what do you want to go with this? But for me, I would be looking at probably the market first. Where would I go? I will probably pay if I was going to a virtual market, something that had a where the rental amounts know. You’ve heard of the one percent rule. A lot of investors want better than that. And that would be a good start that I would look at now in the rental market. I can still find fix and flip. I can still do wholesaling, I can still do creative finance deals as well. So it gives me, I believe I know all of these strategies. I have all the tools in my tool belt for these strategies. It gives me an upper hand to actually get results if I can find out what the seller’s problem is and then solve it, it’s the first thing on the market. That’s what I’ll be looking at a more affordable market to go into so that I could actually use multiple strategies within that market.

I’ll give an example that if I was in California, more strategies like a fix and flip or wholesale cash deals is going to work. OK, but you’re not going to really do a buying hold. So if you’re buying hold investor, you want to climb on property and hold it, then obviously, probably in the California market, that’s not going to be the place to do it. So like I said, it’s going to give me more opportunities. I’d pay the market and sometimes I would go in and go, Where would I start? United States is so big you would start to look at, where did you go to school, college, grow your family. Friends start with eliminate and narrow down markets, OK, and then go, OK, now I have three full five markets and then start to do your market research within that. That’s how I would narrow down. Now, once I made that decision, there’s a couple of ways I’m thinking I might go on my thoughts below the buyer’s list. OK, so I might start calling realtors and property managers that are already there on the MLS start cold, calling them and finding out, do they have buyers? What are they looking for? Maybe I could be asking, do you have any insight into property buying you? Do you have any advice right now looking to sell houses? Do you have any? They’re looking to buy more houses and having them conversations. That’s another great way as well by going to the property managers and relatives to actually learn the market. You don’t have to come in and start be asking. You can be all they say. I live in Savannah, Georgia. I’m going to be looking in Kansas, Missouri, and know I’m an investor. I’m going to be starting marks in and you mind telling me, What do you have any buyers right now buying in certain areas or zip codes? And if I find a deal, could I bring it to you? Maybe you help me move it. You can just be honest if that’s where you’re at, in your, in your investing career. So once I’ve done that and I’ve started to look at that and also if I have access to propstream or batch OK, if you want any of my links is propstreamgavindot com. If you want a seven day free trial, if you want five thousand free record, you can go to OK as well. If you want to get some records and do some skip tracing so you can look at cash buyers on there. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to be transitioned into seller marketing again. You’ve got the sale by owners. Expired listings depend on your strategy that you could go after, or you could pull the top five zip codes in your new market and start marketing and cold call into them again if you have a budget with higher vibe. So that’s what I would do, so I’d stop marketing and maybe tax in a cold call. The reason being in the cheapest form of marketing and I somewhat kind control. OK. The lead flow after I’ve done that marketing and I’m controlling my lead flow and doing that, that’s what then I’m going to go through to in the cycle. So now I’m prescreening leads. I can get a VA to do this for me, and then I’m going to start prescreening leads and then get it through the cycle of making an offer, talking to the seller, obviously making the offer, doing the follow up and then rinse and repeat using automation, things like that. So we’re going to be doing it eventually. Talk real quick about that kind of some of the thought process that would be going in when I’m when I’m thinking of locking in and going into a new market. 

So I’m super excited about this. Like I said, we’re going to go into new market challenge dot com is free three days, one hour a day if you want to get the upgrade. You’re going to go to new market challenge dot com slash VIP, get the early bird special. That’s what’s going to give you extra Q&A coaching calls the day of evening at the mind map in the workbook. You’re going to get the recordings and everything when we do actually go into a market and demonstrate how to do that. And then a big thing is you’re going to get the two day virtual event, which I’m super excited. Then so long since I’ve done what I’m going to be going really deep into lots of crazy value. Again, I’m excited to get all of you guys follow there. Do you have any questions for them below? Otherwise, go to new market challenge dot com. Go to new market challenge dot com slash VIP. Make sure you like and subscribe. Drop your comments below and I will see you all on the next video again. Well, that’s a fantastic two thousand and twenty two. Thanks, guys.