How To Get 5 Hot Motivated Seller Leads In 30 Minutes

Joe and I believe there are 3 keys to being successful in this business: Marketing, Automation and Delegation. The way I run my business and the way Joe runs his is based on the lifeblood of it all which is marketing.

We just came from an awesome 5 leads in 5 days challenge with our students where we dove deep into the marketing tactics and strategies. Guess what? Our students from this challenge actually got leads and got deals in contracts! It’s proof this system works!

So, Joe and I will be doing another live virtual bootcamp called M.A.D. Bootcamp on May 9-10 where we will talk about some of the marketing tactics and strategies, automating your system and delegating the tasks to make your business a well-oiled business that functions in spite of you. Joe and I will show you LIVE how you can get 5 hot motivated seller leads in 30 minutes. Imagine being able to do so much in half an hour! 

This bootcamp will help you get more leads, close more deals and make more money.

Go now to to register! 

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What’s Inside:

  • We talk about our recent 5 leads in 5 days challenge. 
  • Why marketing is the lifeblood of this business.
  • Joe and I share about our upcoming M.A.D. Bootcamp.

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