just got back from a whirlwind couple of weeks of travel and I’m tired but inspired. When you have your business set up as I do, you can take advantage of that, and work from anywhere you want. That allows me to get creative with what I do. I recently decided to take on a few clients to help them set up their real estate business, but the catch was, I would actually fly out to them and do it in person. I did this for a couple of reasons. I believe being able to learn firsthand from someone with experience is powerful, but also it was an excuse for me to do some traveling and networking.

You heard it right! I will fly out to your house and the first thing we will do is to figure out what your goals are, what you want to achieve, and how you want the business to look like. Then the market research where we find out if you are in the right market and what kind of offers are you going to focus on. And the most important thing, we’ll come up with an exit strategy. How to work “on” the business not “in” the business

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What’s Inside:

  • How the market shifts are affecting our businesses. 
  • The top seven steps you need to focus on to survive our current market crisis.
  • Why you need to understand and utilize creative financing deals.

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Title: What happens if I fly to your office

Gavin: Hey guys, How are you doing? Gavin Timms here with REI Network. Welcome back for another episode. It’s been a crazy week. I’m back home in Savannah, Georgia, I have been traveling for the last week. I left last Saturday, went to DC for two days then I went to Ocean City, New Jersey for two days, then I was in Philadelphia for two days, and then I was in New York- Friday, Saturday and came back yesterday, on Sunday. It’s been an action packed week, well that’s why I love this business. I’ve been still working while I’ve been
traveling but the whole point of that trip came together was because I was doing a setup in person with two of my clients, Sherry and Susan in Philadelphia, and then I padded out someone to travel around that for the sightseeing, a little bit of work, a bit of networking,
seeing some friends from the UK, tied it all and did some work. Actually, we did a deal last week as well in the real estate business. So, it was a good week. It was hectic, it was busy. City life is tiring and I don’t know about you guys that are traveling but flights cancelling are super, super frustrating right now. I had two flights cancelled yesterday, managed to get the latest flight out of New York, into Savannah after sitting on the runway for two hours, made it home about one o’clock this morning. So, kind of struggling but I’m here, I’m ready to go and I just wanted to tell you kind of how that week went, with two of my new clients. Like I said, I flew out, something I’ve never done before. This was the first time, me flying to somebody actually set them up.

I have this week coming up, I’m going to be back in Pennsylvania with another client that I’m going to be doing setup with. They are in Pittsburgh, and then, I have one more that I’ve took on in Florida as well. So, kind of action-packed, but wanted to do a little travel, changed it up, remove all the excuses. I will fly to you to set things up. I don’t know if I’m going to be offering that anymore. If you are interested you can reach out, see if we have any spots as you’re listening to this. Just email [email protected], and then we can get on the phone and talk about it, but yeah, it was good.

Basically, what we do, just to give you an insight, is that over them two days, it’s kind of breaking down, starting off with some goals. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to achieve? How much money do you wanna make? What do you want the business to look like? Once we get, kind of an idea of what your life wants to look like, we can then start to building around the business around that. That doesn’t mean you can’t work hard. You’re gonna have to work hard, you’re going to stay disciplined, dedicated. You’ve got to be on top of everything, but with an exit strategy. How are you gonna exit the business and not create another job. That is the important thing when you’re starting a new business, when you are scaling. How do you not work harder but smarter and understand how you’re gonna do that.

So, that’s kind of what we do to start with when we map that out, then we go into the market research. Are you actually in the right market? Are you gonna go local? Are you gonna do virtual? What type of deals are you gonna focus on with them backup offers as well, which is important, making sure we’re doing the right marketing to be able to find that out. And a lot of you guys don’t understand how to pick a market. With these clients we actually just went North of Detroit versus going into Philly, and we looked at the numbers and why it would be a better decision to go into Michigan rather that Philadelphia, because again, the numbers won’t lie depending on what you’re trying to do. What is your exit strategy for what type of deals. We analyze that, make sure you’re giving yourselves the best opportunity.

Once we’ve done that, we then move in to, like I already said, the strategy and then the market or the marketing. Understand if we’re going to have to wholesale, we need to make sure that we’re going after less, with equity. Are we going to be called calling, texting them? Are we going to be doing direct mail? How are we going to get these leads coming in and what does that look like? Once we Identify that, we’re then gonna go into building what I call a marketing machine. Where we have a process in place when it’s not actually been managed or done by you. Or could be managed by you but not done by you is probably a better way of saying that. For instance, like if we’re doing called calling, we would be pulling a list, we’d be list stacking it against your other list, we’d be skip tracing it, we could be loading it then to the dialer, and then we’d get a VA to then start making them calls, and then, bringing them leads in to a CRM. So, that leads us to then obviously we need a virtual assistant. When do we hire a virtual assistant? How are we going to do that and actually do that with you in them two days. Making sure that we have a VA with a start date with all these systems in place as I build them out with you.

The good thing is that, obviously, there’s a lot that goes on in these two days. It can get overwhelming, but what I try and do is to make sure that I give you action steps, I get some training recorded while we’re together done by my VA. So, you actually see me delegate into my team and exactly how I do that interaction, the way that I do it. Because I want you to be doing the same thing. I don’t what you to be a wizard on a CRM. I need you to be a wizard in making money and doing real estate deals. That’s what I want and I’m sure you do, too. So, you’re going to see the art of delegation, how to do that, how I interact, how I bonus, how I pay, do all them things. I actually get that in place. So, let’s say we hire that cold caller after we setup them systems, start bringing them leads in. Then what does that process look like? The lead would hit the CRM, you as in the client or acquisition depend on how you’re built out would then be making them calls. We’ve got to then get our offers out. We’ve got to get our follow ups on. We’re going to be talking about how do we do that follow up versus automation, versus personal touch. And I’ll get you to understand that and how to position that. And then, the goal is to get that verbal contract, to get that contract signed into title, get your buyers, etc, etc. So, these are the things we’re gonna be covering. Building a buyers’ list as well, I missed that out. But, all these things, it’s an action-packed day and we haven’t even gone into that of the CRM, the workflow of the CRM. When the lead comes in. Making sure that you have the seller’s name, email, contact info and the notes that were coming from the VA. Then when you call, understanding how to do the status, update the notes, create a task. Then what’s gonna happen is depending on what status that you create, how is that gonna fire off? What automation is gonna work with that, and you, understanding what it does. You dont realize how frustrating it is when you have automation going on in the background, and you don’t know what it’s doing. Because it can make you look silly, so I’m gonna be identifying that, making sure that you understand that exactly how it works. And there’s a bunch more things that we do that tie in. And I think one of the main things is that, you know, with Susan and with Sherry, they understand what goes into these things to make it work. And thats why I do what I do, That’s why I do these setups, to try and give you the best chance and the fastest chance of making money in this business and then being able to grow it, turn it into a business and not a job and actually do something or that you actually create something of how you want this to look, around your lifestyle, which is key.

Remember, I’m not saying it’s easy, guys. You’re gonna have to work hard, but it’s much easier when you have that exit plan to be able to go and then dominate in that market.

So, there are the few things, I know I went over that fast, that you should be doing in your business. Whether you’re working with me on doing it, whether you’re interested in more help. That doesn’t matter, as long as it is actually getting done and you can kind of see how that comes together. I never went into the nitty-gritty of buying the phone numbers, getting the list from here to there, format in the list. There’s a lot more that goes in that you necessarily need. You do need to know what you don’t. We are there to help you and assist you in doing that. And I just need you to know how to look at the numbers, understand what’s happening, from a high level, not from being in the weeds and not getting on that phone, because I need you on that phone, I need you, making them offers or somebody in your team, so you can grow out this business and start getting things moving. You cannot scale a business, you cannot use automation in a business if it isn’t really working. We’ve got to get the foundation right, we’re gonna build on that, to then elevate this business and take it to the next level.

So, there’s some things, hopefully you got some, obviously, value from this, on the things that you need to be doing in your business and just analyze. What is it that you’re doing? Are you being proactive in your business? Are you taking massive action? Them words are easy to say but hard to do, and normally because you don’t have a plan, you don’t have a clear path on what you need to do next. It’s very, very hard to take massive action when you don’t know what to take massive action on, or you’re overwhelmed. And that what we try and do, is to try and break all that down, get some simple action items, this is next, this is what you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna do this, and I want it done in this order, then we’ll look at more things after we do that. So, make sure that all these things are kind of dialed in, so then we can hit the market head on and start getting results. So, let me know what you think, drop me a comment if you have any questions on this, on the way that your system looks now. Put it in, feel free to reach out or put it in the chat. Drop me a like, make sure you subscribe. Again, I’m gonna be pushing out a lot more content as much as possible. Also me and Joe are gonna be releasing something here pretty cool as well, so stay tuned for that and have good week. I wanna be, like I said, back off to Pittsburgh this week. We’re going again, we’re making it happen, we’re getting results and that’s all that matters. We sent one to closing on Friday, so everything is good, coming together.

So, stay motivated, guys! Keep pushing! It’s difficult times I get it, but this is where things happen. You do not give in, you dig in and you come out the other side. So, if you need some motivation, again, watch some videos, I have some motivation and stuff on there, nothing rah-rah, jumping around banging bells but, something is gonna get you going, charge you up to dig in and make this happen. Remember, the numbers will never lie, make sure you’re having enough conversations. If you’re talking to enough people, you’re making enough offers, you will get deals done. I do believe in that. So, appreciate you, again, if you need any thing or you’re interested in working, me flying to you, if that is till a possibility as you watch this, go to [email protected] and we will go from there. Alright, guys! Have a good
one, and I’ll see you on the next. Bye-bye!