Episode 072: How To Make Money in Real Estate and Not Be the Closer with Dustin Kircher

Dustin Kircher is a good friend and business partner of mine and has been a part of over five thousand real estate transactions working for a hedge fund. He works primarily within the creative financing space and works with other wholesalers to help them structure these types of deals. We go over two real life recent examples of deals he’s closed, as well as share information on how you can get rid of your leads and still get paid.


Episode 042: How to Get Leads from TV Ads with Tony Javier

For only 3 hours of work, Tony Javier gets an eleven times return on his marketing dollars, and everywhere he goes, people know his name. TV commercials provide instant recognition and local celebrity status, and the best part is that it’s not saturated with real estate investors.


Episode 016: The Money Is Sitting in Your CRM…Do You Agree?

Spending $10,000 on your marketing but only landing one $10,000 deal is a terrible way to build a business. If you’re going to spend big money on marketing, you should work those leads until they sell that house to someone, even if that’s not you. I’m going to show you what that kind of perseverance looks like.

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