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State of the REI Market - How to Recession Proof Your Business

Episode 095: State of the REI Market – How to Recession Proof Your Business

The market is definitely changing. A lot of experts say they see the same pattern as the last recession. But do we need to panic or freak out? What will that mean for our businesses? Joe and I sit down for a quick episode to share our thought on the status of the market, why we’re not panicking and how you can pivot your business along with the market change. You can recession proof your business.

Episode 067: Marketing That Works in Today’s Crazy Market

It can be tough to narrow in on a marketing strategy for your real estate business, especially if you’re just starting out. There are plenty of ways to get started that are free and won’t break your budget. The best thing to do is to just get started. Don’t be afraid to try out different strategies and learn as you go.


Episode 066: Flip the Script, Make More Money!

Lou Brown has been in the real estate game for over 40 years and is currently on his fifth real estate cycle. Flipping the script on his entire strategy in 2008 helped him weather the storm and put him on a brand-new path to success.


Episode 065: My Biggest Takeaways from the Last 7 Days

I have had a crazy 7 days prior to recording this episode and while it was crazy, it was also very educational. From mastermind events to a YouTube show premier, I share my biggest takeaways from these events and how they can be applied to your real estate business.

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