How To Have a Successful VA Team

Episode 094: How To Have a Successful VA Team

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’re a seasoned pro, you’re going to need to outsource administrative duties to a virtual assistant. Hiring a solid VA helps you spend more time on the high-dollar activities in your business. Creating a high performing VA team depends on how well they’re trained and how well you treat them so they stick around.


Episode 081: Stop Trying to Learn It All! Use Your Network!

Trying to be an expert in all areas of your real estate business is a waste of time. Building a network of experts in areas like creative financing and insurance helps you lean on them when you need advice instead of having to figuring it out on your own. When you have a solid network to partner with, you can close more deals.


Episode 049: Pop Up Coaching Call with Mike Hamilton

Today, we do a live coaching call with Mike, a member of our accountability group. We talk about marketing, the importance of outsourcing your admin duties, and how to build your investments enough to walk away from your day job.




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