I’m back home after being on the road for the last four months and I’m so glad I’ve built a business I can run from anywhere. Right now, I’m working on personal development and mindset because it’s so key for your life in general. You always have to work on yourself and look at yourself honestly. When you can reflect, you’re able to see where you need to change and do the things you need to do to succeed and get ahead. It’s important to be coachable and not get stuck in our own ways. We might think we have all the right answers and don’t need another lesson. When you’re working with a coach, you should always strive to absorb the information, take massive action, and learn.

All throughout life, we have to be willing to make needed changes. And when you make those changes, you’re going to get to your goals much faster. The goal is to have a game plan so you can stop spinning your wheels. If you’ve been told to do something a thousand times and you’re still not doing it, you’re going to keep getting the same result. When you’re in a coachable mindset, you’re going to listen and act on it. You have to figure yourself out first and then follow the steps you’re given. Then what’s going to happen is you’re going to get the results you want. You’ll then be on your way to massive success and growth in your business so you can live the life you’ve been dreaming about. 

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What’s Inside:

  • The importance of having a coachable mindset.
  • How you can change your life and business in just six months.

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Hey, guys. How you doing? Gavin Timms with REI Network. Welcome back for another episode. I’m excited. I’m really, really excited because if you’re watching me on YouTube right now, you’re going to see that I’m back in my home office in Savannah, Georgia. I left December 26. I’ve been on the road for over four months. It’s been quite insane. I’ve been going on and life a lot of changes for me when I move back in Savannah now for a few months and I’m excited to get some structure back. It’s been a long road, but it’s been good. You know, I’ve proven again that I can operate this business from anywhere. I’ve been in five different states. I’ve been in another country. I went back home to the U.K. I was operating from the U.K. I’ve been in California. I’ve been in Phoenix, I’ve been in Florida, I’ve been in Georgia, I’ve been in Saint Louis. So I’ve been traveling over the last several months, again, trying out things, just trying to get restructured, realigned with what I’m trying to do, what’s going on, you know, with personally and business wise. And it’s been good. It’s been good, but I’ve still been working, still being fulfilled. And that’s why I love this business. That’s why it’s the best business in the world. That’s why you should be set up on a virtual level, because when things are going well, it’s great. When you’re traveling, you’re doing things. And I you can say I’ve even got a bit of a tan, been on the beach a little bit while still working as well. So yeah. So it’s good, you know, try to get healthier. Trying to do a lot of things, a lot of personal development is needed right now because again, the mindset is so key in life in general and you have to put yourself first before you can help pull this, right. And if I’m trying to help, help the mind that I can help my team and to be encouraging clients and things like that. So you do have to work on yourself. You have to analyze yourself, you have to be honest with yourself. And again, it’s been a good reflection because, you know, you look at things differently now when your you have success on whatever level, small wins, big wins, life changes, right? And you need to adapt and you need to identify it, be honest about it, and make the changes for the better. Right. You know, I think everyone has versions of themselves as they go through life. Right. You have your first version, you have 2.0, 3.0, whatever it is. And you should always be trying to better yourself because you’re always growing, you’re always learning. You could have done a thousand things different, but it is what it is. You are where you are and you have to make changes today. 


So I’m going to be talking a little bit about today is are you coachable or are you stuck in your own ways? Because it’s really important. A lot of us are stuck in our own ways. We think we have the answers right sometimes are in denial. We don’t want a lesson. You think you know what you’re doing, you don’t you think you have it all figured out, okay? But really you don’t. And the fact that you can identify these things again, personal or business, you’re going to get better. You’re going to make changes. Now, one big thing is for me is that obviously being a golf professional, that’s what I did for ten years. I was a coach for ten years before I got into the real estate space. And then I’ve been in now the coaching real estate space, probably coming off for seven years in the coach in space of real estate. So I feel that I can hold my own in the industry. I feel that that’s that’s what I’m good at, right? That’s where I am most comfortable in a coaching role. There’s so many things is there’s a difference between a teacher and a coach or a mentor. Like I say, a mentor and a coach are very similar. And then there’s a teacher, the teacher that says, Hey, this is what I want you to do, go and do it. But if you’re having the mindset roadblocks, if you don’t understand, you need to be explained in a different way. You might need a third party story. You might need to be able to you know, I might have to explain it in a different way so you understand it for you. There’s different things, and that’s what you’re going to get from a coach. Okay, but you have to be coachable. And there’s one thing that I pride myself on is that when I go into a situation, I’m always there to absorb information, take massive action on it and learn. Right. I don’t go into I’m going to talk to a mortgage broker and know how to do mortgages like they do now. I’m going to learn from them and I’m going to act on the best that I need to do and whatever that may be. Right. It could be a strategy we see all the time. Sometimes the client will come on and they are trying to persuade me that it doesn’t work. And it’s like, you don’t understand. I know it. Works because we have. I’m doing it and I have clients that are doing it right. But I need you to do it this way. Well, what if I did it that way? But I always do it that way because this is the way it works. When you have it working, you can then make them tweaks, you can make them changes. But I’m going to teach you the way that I do it in the way that works for me. Okay. Now, if you want to go and get that working and then adapt and change and evolve. Absolutely 100%. But it makes no no sense. I’m going to tell you to do X, Y and Z. But you want to go and do something else just for the sake of try. And it doesn’t make any sense. Right. 


So every walk of life that we go through, again, personal and business, you have to be willing to make them changes because if if you’re if you’re willing to make the changes, you’re going to get. Like, as we just talked about, to the angle much faster. Right. And and I’ve done it in sport. I can go into a brand new sport that I’ve never done. And it shows as it will. How do you do it? They show me and then I do it that way. I’m not going to go and do it my. I’m not going to do it my way. Does that make sense? Why would I do that? Right. You need to. And it happens, guys. It happens all the time. We do, though. I don’t want to do damage. No, you can’t. You can’t do that if you’re going to get education, weekend can, whether it’s in real estate, personal training, whatever it may be, it could be food preparation. Right. Well, I think I want to do it this way. Not like an everyone does that. And it’s super frustrating because it’s like, well, why are you spending the money? Why are you doing these things? Because, guess what? If you’re stuck in your ways, I guarantee you’ve all been doing the same thing for a long time. Getting zero results. And there’s a reason for that is because you’re not of either less then you’re not taking the action on the steps or you’re getting way distracted on something that actually doesn’t doesn’t work, or you’re trying and you don’t want to be doing that. And as quickly as you can, you know, enough’s enough and it happens to us all. I did it when you go. I was scared about the contracts. What if they get the contract signed and they do the buys, the close and I. I need to buy the house. And I was all about the contracts from England, about understand what I’m doing, all of them things. But guess what? What? You’re not getting results. It changes real quick because then you’ve got to get in the day. Panic, go. You know what? I’m just going to do what I got told, what is what they want me to do. I’m going to market. Okay, I’m doing that. God, I told you so. I was going to make offers. I’m gonna keep following up until they say yeah. And when I got a contract, that’s all I need to do. I’ll figure the rest out. So, boom, that’s what I did. And results come pretty much immediately when you do that. Okay, because this doesn’t matter about the exit strategy for I it was a matter of you pre thinking what the seller’s going to say and the scenario based off the notes from the VA or whatever it may be, well they’re not going to what is now clear looks like they’ve done works. I’m not going to call them because if it don’t work, they’re not going to want to give it me a discounted price. You don’t know that. You’re just creating a scenario to put off what you need to do. What about if they do? They did do some of the work, but not all the work. What if they’re over it and they don’t want to finish the work? What if? What if? What if we could go back and forth? And the goal is, is that you’ve just got to get it done right. That’s what we want you to do is just get it done. So make sure you just take a few seconds. You compose me right now and think about it, like, where are you at? Like, do you have a game plan? Do you have a plan that you can execute? Do you know what you’re doing? You know what you’re trying to do? Are you spinning your wheels? Or if you’ve been told a thousand times what you’re still not doing it and really identify where are you at because of gas? Well, if we keep doing the same thing, we’re going to get the same result. And if it ain’t a winning result, you’re going to get no result. Right. 


And that’s what I want to get across to this. I want you to get in the mindset that I am coachable. I’m going to listen and I’m going to act on it. And I need six months of your time that I want you to do it for, okay? Every single day for six months, your whole life to change everything. And this isn’t a rah rah. That’s just a fact. Or I thought you might be happy. I was just having a conversation today. So let’s have new to the firefighter industry. 40,000 a year. All right. $40,000 a year. Nothing. I’m not knocking. Knocking that right. And it doesn’t matter where you are. You may be making 20,000. You may be making 100, 200,000 watching this. I’m not it doesn’t matter. But I look at what a firefighter does in the risk and everything that goes in, the nurses, the medical field, all of them people making 40, 50, 60, $100,000 a year. But in real estate, we can do it in a month. We have the ability to do it in a month. Right. And for me is that we all have these goals that we want to help more people. Right. We might want to give back. We might want to do more for charity. And that’s fantastic. That’s what you should be doing. Whatever’s going to fulfill you to do that. But you can’t do that if you can’t figure yourself out first. If you don’t have that money you can’t give. If you don’t want to give to that, you know you want to give more to the church, right? Or you want to set up a charity. What? You’ve got to have to have the back end to do it right. So if you want to do that and you want your business on autopilot so you can focus on the fulfilling things for you in life, you have to be successful first. Be successful. Be coachable. Okay. You’re going to follow the steps, the action plan to a T. You’re going to execute it with no complaints. You’re just going to do it. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to get results. And once you get results, you’re then going to start putting automation and delegation in. And once we do automation and delegation, then you’re going to be able to have more time. When you have that more time, you then have a choice. You have choice to double down on the business, to do more of it, to hire more people. Or you go and do something that fulfills you. Okay. Helping the community. Right. Travel in, you know, feed in, doing food banks for kids, saving kids from sex trafficking, I don’t know. Whatever it is that you want to do that is that’s what you should do. What you need your business on autopilot. So it’s providing for you, the family, so you can focus on that less. You got a lot of money behind you already and you can do that. But most of you haven’t. Right? We haven’t. I haven’t. Right. We have to build that to be able to get that vision. So before you can help somebody else, you’ve got to help yourself. And once you’ve done that, then you start to become successful. That is when then you can live the goals and the dream and keep moving forward. Because remember why you’re stuck in the business and you’re wearing every hat in the business. You’re just getting busier. The more things that you take on, you’re getting busier. So what have we done? We’ve stopped. We’ve we’ve we’ve turned a 9 to 5 right into a 9 to 10 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. job. Because we’re working so much because now we’re making money, but we’re still killing the sales, doing it. But you still want to give back and now all of a sudden you’re double busy. Right. So we have to look at in a six month period, how do we exit the business? How are we going to make a lot of money? How do we work hard? How do we then use the marketing all made? We start using automation delegation via systems processes. Putting them things in place gives you your time back. Now, you are now officially a business owner. When you’re working on the business, not in it. You’ve got to a bird’s eye view to drive it forward or then go and fulfill on what you want. And you should be able to do this then six months to a year. Okay, maybe I’ll take you longer, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still going to be the same process. I’m not going to say you can do it in six months. It might take you three years. Well, you’re not going to do it any other way than what I’m explaining to you. And I know that’s what you will want, but you have to go. Am I doing everything I can to get that result right? Are you tracking your KPIs? When I 70 spoke five qualified sales. Did I make three offers? Have you done that? And you spoke to 25 sales this week and make 15 offers and you spoke to 100 sales this month? I made 60 offers and you spoke to 300 sellers in three months and made 180 offers. And you’re telling me you can’t do deals in this market or any market? I don’t believe you. Go and ask any coach in the United States or probably across the world, if I speak to 300 people and make 180 offers, anything to do with real estate? Can I go and make money? Of course you can. Should you be able to do several deals? Should you? Should that change? Probably over $100,000? Absolutely. Why not? Of course it can. This is this business is a numbers game. Okay. And if you do these things, you’re going to get for for for your vision that you start with. Right. I’ve talked about this before. A vision of your life. Sit with the family. This is important and poor. And unless you’re a single person and it’s just you. But if you have a wife, kids, husband, kids, whatever, parents that live with you, whatever your situation is, you’ve got to get everybody on board because this is the vision, does it? What do you guys think? Are we on board? Is there anything are missing? What would you do? What’s your vision? Husband or wife? I go through these things because sometimes as a sole entrepreneur, we get we start to think about what everyone else wants, but we don’t actually ask the questions and it will come up later down the line. And you don’t want that, right? 


So make sure you get everyone on board and go, look, I am going to I’m going to there’s going to be help for six months. I don’t have to work. So hard running six months my whole life to try this and I need to stay disciplined and dedicated to getting this result. And how do I know? Because I had that conversation. Okay. I had I need six months. Give me six months and six months. Change everything. The six month period changed our life. Okay. Not that I was making crazy money, but it was that I can do this. I’m making more money than I’ve ever made. And then you just keep multiplying it, multiplying it and multiplying it. Okay. And it’s crazy to think what my goals were like my short term goals as a goal professional, if I took a job, they wanted to pay me 55 grand a year. Okay. Well, 45 grand plus a $5,000 bonus in that in that range. So I knew that if I could make 55, 60,000 in real estate in one year, it was a lateral move. Right. And that was the goal. Five grand a month. Can I do it? And all of a sudden, you get five grand a month and you’re on tenement and you go five a month and you get a 20 a month and it goes up and up and up. And then sometimes you make 80,000 a month, sometimes it’s 20 a month, right? And it flip flops depending on what you’re doing. You’re making more money than you’ve ever had. And then you start to see the potential of financial freedom and your goals coming off to then give back. Like one of my goals, you can hold me accountable to it. And I don’t even know, like I say this. And then at the same time, I think you don’t realize how much work this is, right? And so on. But I’m going to tell you what I’m thinking is I want to set up a charity in 2023, 2023. I want to help a charity doing something nonprofit. I don’t want to dying from it. I’m not taking a percentage from it all going back in. The only people is if I have to get team members to run it. Other than that, I’m not I don’t want nothing. I want to give as much back. I have connections. I have great contacts. There’s no reason why that can’t be raised in over a million a year comfortably. Okay. For a charity, if I put the effort in. Okay. So my time, I’m not being what I want the money, but I’m going to have to put the effort in. Now, I might be buying of more than I can chew, but I’m going to give it a go. Right. And that’s as much thought as I’d give it. Yeah. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be, but I want to do it and I know where I am right now is I’ve got to work for the rest of this year as I’m as I’m doing this podcast. And I’ve got to get more things outsource than I have now. So I know that I can dedicate time to it, and I know that it will work. If not, if it will work, it is it will work because I’m going to put the time into doing it. But if you said start one this week, I couldn’t do it because I’m spread too thin. And that’s the reality. And I understand that. So I have a target I need to finish this year, coming into next year, and then I can give it a go and try and make it happen. So just be thinking guys like just really reflect on yourself. Really get in the right mindset, okay? No one’s going to do this for you. And I’m telling you, I’m not here to give you a rah rah, I promise. But I want you to get results. It’s down to numbers, it’s down to mindset, it’s down to attitude. All right? It’s not our the mark is or someone else. We deal. Get over it. Get back on the phone and go again. Right. Stop whining and complaining. I’m going to get you anywhere. Just go. You know what? The next one, the next one. The next one is going to be? Yes, the next one is going to be a yes. The next one is going to be yes. And you keep going until someone says yes. And when you land the big one, because that will be a big one. All right. And then you can multiply that. You can reinvest it. Now, when you get a little system work in the foundations built and you start using that formation delegation, it’s going to go to the next level. You can absolutely kill it. 


All right. Well, I appreciate it. I’m happy I’ve been back in my house for one hour and I was like, I want to do a podcast because I’m happy and I’m ready to go. I’ve got a two day live event as I’m recording this tomorrow with Joe McCall. so we’re excited about that and yeah, ready to go. All right, guys, I appreciate you all and drop me a like, comment, subscribe, all them things and I will see you.