I am in Tampa, Florida this week for a three-day mastermind with my mentors, coaches, and fellow influencers. Masterminds give you an opportunity to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and take your thoughts to a bigger scale. There’s always going to be someone further along than you in their business. Instead of looking at that as a negative, look at what they’re doing and use it as inspiration. Masterminds are the perfect environment to build deeper relationships with like-minded people. The most important thing in the real estate business is having a strong network.

There are always going to be people around you who don’t believe in you. Your job is to separate yourself from those people so you can get where you want to be. They say that you’re only as successful as the five closest people around you, so make sure those people are positive and build you up. We have to start working on ourselves before we can work on our businesses, so make sure you don’t miss out on building that foundation.

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What’s Inside:

  • How masterminds help you get to the next level.
  • Why working on yourself is the foundation for a successful business.
  • Why a strong network is the most important thing in real estate.

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Hey, guys, welcome to the REI Network podcast with me. Gavin Timms. Hey, guys, how you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network. Welcome back for another episode. I’m actually traveling right now. I’m in Tampa, Florida. I’ve been here all week, actually. I’ve just been at a three day I arrived on Sunday. I’ve just doing a three day mastermind here in Tampa. I had a day off today, got a little bit of sun, if you can’t tell and went around the pool. And then tomorrow I have my mastermind. Oh, my meetup, my people here in Tampa as well just for one day. So I just want to talk about today and real quick, just before we get going, guys, you know the drill. Make sure you give me a light, put a comment in, OK and make sure you what you are subscribed to the REI Network podcast or my YouTube channel. Gavin Timms, REI Network, go and check them out. Make sure depending on where you are watching, you can subscribe and let me know what you think.

Hopefully, you know I do these for a reason. I want to be given as much value and content as I can, and I thought it’d be beneficial today talking about how to take your business to the next level. And I think it starts with something like a mastermind. That’s why I wanted to talk about it. So I was in a I’m in a mastermind again that was held here three days and some of the people, the leading people in the info space, me and the people you will be following on YouTube and Instagram, whether they’re mentors, coaches, influencers and we all there’s probably a hundred of us that get together. And you know, you have the the the the OGs, I guess, of real estate like, your Ron Legrand’s your Robert Allen and people like that. And then obviously, you know, the usual crowd that’s in there as well. Me and Joe and then obviously younger people getting in as well. So it’s really good. But the good thing is is that it gives you the chance to be able to take your thoughts to a bigger scale and figure out kind of what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Because there’s always someone doing more business than you, there’s always someone thinking bigger than you, and you’ve got to decide what is it that you are trying to do? And that is the key. Again, one thing that these master minds, if there is a negative and I don’t want to focus on the negative, but sometimes you can get in that shiny object and always think, I’m not doing enough, I’m not doing enough. I need to do more. Look what they’re doing, what he’s doing, what she’s doing, and I want to do that. And sometimes you have to sit back and do you because you don’t know the ins and outs of what they do until you get in somewhere like a mastermind setting and then you can actually pick their brains going, Oh, wow, like you have a $4 million, $5 million business, but also they have well, yeah. But we’re spending, you know, a hundred and fifty grand a month on this and we are this. My team members are over. It is X and all of these things that go in and sometimes they’re missed. And then the things that you’ve got to go deep. And that’s why in these groups, that’s what that’s going to do. And sometimes it’s an idea. Hey, I’ve been thinking about this. I created the coaching program in terms of our new format because of people in that group because I felt that I wasn’t doing enough. And to be honest, I wasn’t right. I think having access, you know, one to one access is great. You know, I’m Voxer, but we’re only doing one call a week at the time, and it just wasn’t enough. It was enough to get results. And because a we can go by real estate is so fast paced that you need to have your questions. That’s why we had Voxer, because that was my get around. But that is some of my top clients also said, Well, look, you give us great information on Voxer, and no one else is here in it. So you are the one repeating yourself a lot or choose what people need to do this. So we thought about doing more group sessions, so that’s kind of how it started. Plus, obviously following along on someone else’s model in the mastermind. And that’s why we leveled up and we went to five coaching calls a week.

So we go live every single day doing these calls. So normally it’s Monday, 11:00 a.m. Eastern. We go live for a mentor or a coaching call where we’ll answer your questions, analyze deals, role play. What I do with my clients is I get them to actually dictate where the call goes, sometimes by asking them questions and they could be picking a market. What? Why is my VA not operating? Or, Hey, I got big wins, right? With just literally had a big win. Two big wins on creative finance. Two days ago, Sandra was one. She told So many of my people watching, you know what I mean? What? She just lost an hour of finance in Savannah, Georgia, when the sell out repeatedly before she went on that appointment, saying she will not do own a finance. I don’t even offer it. I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it. And it was only when then Sandra built rapport to actually. Know in finance, all by saying you do realize you’re going to make more money if you own a financing, she’s like, Now I’m going to make less. She’s like, No, no. So basically the seller had got it wrong. So she’s been turning all these people down. So everyone’s calling me because this was for sale by owner. And I’m not doing owner finance. I’m not. I’m not doing in finance. She didn’t even know what it was. She was making it open, so it was like a cash lot less than a cash offer. So that’s what happened as soon as Sandra was able to explain it, then she was all in and she signed the contract that day. So sometimes guys, you’ve got to remember your sellers are saying no because they don’t understand what you’re talking about, especially in creative places. On your lease options, you create financial subterfuge. They’re saying no, because they don’t know what you’re talking about. And that’s what you’ve got to get better at. You’ve got to get better at getting through that boundary. And of course, it sounds like an offer. You own a finance. You would have been shot down. You’ve got to build that rapport and wait for the right moment to bring that in.

So anyway, I got off a subject that I thought was really important for you to understand. So being in these masterminds, like I said, we have certain sessions and topics, whether it’s about you. This one in particular again, was in the info space, but it’s about coaching a mentor or data or lists or marketing and all these different areas that we would break into and then go deeper deeper in there. And then the whole point to maximize that you together for three or four days and you’re building better, deeper relationships with people in the in the in our space, in our industry. And what’s good is that I can tap into that resources, right? That’s why I’m also doing it because my coaching clients bring me a deal. I can go, Yeah, I know this person. I know the lead people in the industry who has their clients, who knows people. And that’s why I’m able to get deals moved fairly quickly across the United States just because of the network again, REI network. Why do we call it that? Because this is the most important thing that you can do in this business is network network network. The more that you network, the easier this business becomes and you need to be doing it. So if you want to be leveling up, guys, you’ve got to surround yourself with the right people, with the right mindset, with the right belief that you’re going to go to the next level, you have to keep away from the negativity. You’ve got to keep away from the family member that’s going to tell you you’re never going to do it. The neighbor that sent one postcard and says it’s a scam. All of these things, because guess what, if I make him money, if Joe’s making money, if all these people in these masterminds and people in your markets who you know, make him money, then it’s there for the taking for you. OK? And that is what you need to be thinking about. You’re only successful as the five closest people around you, and I really suggest writing down on a piece of paper right now, the five closest people around you and then look at what they are as a person. That doesn’t mean you’re going to start disowning people. You’ve just got to know when to switch it off or when to transfer the information and turn it into a positive. So I was surrounded by people that said I wasn’t going to make it, and they thought that I’d lost my mind. And I’m from England as a golf pro, moving to the United States, being a real estate investor. He has gone mad. He’s going to lose so much money. He’s going to get scammed. He’s going to lose everything. Like, someone needs to stop him. And that was the what I was doing, what I channel that to get around the right people. I still kept in touch with everybody when I would channel it is motivation. Now I appreciate your opinion, but just give me six months. I appreciate it. I understand what you said, but I’m learning all the time. Just give me six months and that it be. While you’ve been doing this now a few weeks, you get nowhere. When are you going to give it? When are you going to go back and get a job? And I’ll be like, I know what I’m making. I’m making so much progress. I’m learning all the time. It’s getting so close. It’s about to click. It’s about to happen.

So I use again that negativity into positivity to prove them wrong. OK? While then your closest people around you that understand as entrepreneurs, as people that say you can do anything that you want if you put your mind to it, because that’s the reality, right? You are unstoppable if you want to be or you going to allow someone to to stop you. And that’s what you know. That’s what this is about is you need to be unstoppable and you need to believe it. You ain’t got to go telling everyone that you’re the best, but you’ve got to internally believe that you can dominate that you can do this and you are going to show them and you’re going to prove them wrong in your head. You don’t need to say the words OK, because guess what, when you start making money, it all changes. What do they want then? And I’ve said this before on an episode, they want to know, how did you do it? I can’t believe it worked. I can’t believe the money you make. I can’t believe this. I’m stuck, I hate life, I hate my job, OK? Can you teach me? Can you teach me? You’re going to hear all of them things. And I used to say, I’ll teach you. I’ll show you. Well, you know when you said these things and they’ll be like, Yeah, but you have to get your mind right before we can move forward. Because if you think this is going to be easy, you just watched me go through it. If you think it’s going to be easy just because now I know what I’m doing, then you’re wrong. So you’ve got to come in with the right attitude before I can help you, before you can work with me, before you come on board. If I’m hiring or you’re going to join another mentorship or whatever you’re doing, do you have it? Do you have the mindset and are you willing to change to get these results? And they are the conversations, you know, that we have. So what I’ve done now in the coaching group is that we have these daily calls. We have a lot of content related stuff going on and then we do these quarterly mini me. So I have 10 people with us tomorrow here in Tampa, Florida, and because it’s spring break wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did. It was actually really difficult to get a bigger place. So we normally will be holding more people at them than 10, but I just had to take the first 10 that was available for this go. And then the next one, they’re going to be in different destinations across the country. Anyone from again, Florida right now, it could be St. Louis. It could be Phoenix, Cal, different spots because we have clients all over the country and it’s sometimes easy for them to get. Well, this is where now. So I’m creating, it’s called a mini me, but it’s actually a mastermind for a day where we’re going to be coming in again and building deep relationships, doing exactly the same thing that I’m a part of and to all the groups that I spend a ton of money to be in. But what is your return on investment? I just two weeks ago made an investment in a program for eighteen thousand dollars. OK. Eighteen thousand dollars plus obviously a bunch of time. But I believe that this ROI of what I’m trying to do is like 10 20 x plus that over a period of time. And in the worst case, I’ve got to do three deals, right? If at worst, so I get all the money back again, I’ve lost time, but it’s a no brainer when you sometimes analyze that. So it doesn’t matter if you’re paying 50 grand. If the return on investment and the and the value is there and you’re going to get the returns, then it’s worth doing.

And the big thing is, guys, is that again, you have to back yourself. We’re going to open up tomorrow’s session, right? And we’re going to be going in. We’re going to do an intro. We’re going to go straight into mindset. I have to set the tone for the day of what we’re here for. OK. I want wins and challenges, and I want Challenge Challenge Challenge. We need both to offset. OK? So I’m gonna be going into mindset and I’m going to be going into these things to set the tone for everybody else because I want them to walk away tomorrow with a game plan, with an action plan feeling like they’ve got a new lease of life ready to take on. Because that’s how I feel when I leave masterminds, right? That’s not. That’s how I feel, you know? So that’s that’s what I want to give them. I want to give them the same feeling. I want to give them the feeling that, yes, I should have come here. I should have traveled to Tampa. I should have flew for one day. I should have done all them things. I’m glad I did it. Not well, that was a waste of time. We didn’t get anything done that can’t happen, right? Because they’re going to go back and go home again, kind of come next time. So then we’re going to be start running these things in 20 to 30 40 people turn into a proper network event within our core community of the coaching program to then elevate everybody else. I have so many students right now, which is amazing doing deals together, and that was always the goal for me when I did this because everyone knew me. Everyone knew me and not each other. So everyone comes to me, comes to me, comes to me, and then I have to try and pull everyone together. But you are amazing is when you go are taught. We’ve been messaging. We just did our first deal together. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s by building the community. So everyone’s got your back, not just me. Because guess what, when you build in your win your own market, then you could dominate in your own market. I’m going to be coming to use and then you help us move this deal because you have now established you have more buyers, them in the market. And that’s where I want to use my network to get more deals done. And I walk away with a way out of so many deals because I will go a lot. There’s nine of spread for me, YouTube, go together, get it done fast. And then again, it’s a big win for me because we’re converting deals for more people. I just got a text today. I have a couple working together that they’re about to get their third under contract. And so that’s that’s awesome as well.

So loads of wins. I can get in a lot of challenges. And now the things where you know, one of the biggest things is I cannot believe like we actually go live and we do these things and we interact and I’m like, I know. I wish I could get this across to people to actually see it because it is pretty special. And then also just like again, the winds and the challenges with the people I forget vulnerable, right? You’ve got to get real with yourself before you can grow and wish you’re real with yourself. The only way is up. OK, we have to start working on ourselves before we can work on the business and everyone wants to jump into the business, miss the most important foundation of all, which is you. OK, so anyway, guys, look and I’ve been going on, hopefully this helps. Hopefully this gets you motivated to get out there and make it happen. If you want to join us in our community, OK, go to REI network dot com slash join REI network dot com slash join. Check that out. If not, no problem. Make sure you like and subscribe. Keep checking us out and I will see you on the next one. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.