Episode 072: How To Make Money in Real Estate and Not Be the Closer with Dustin Kircher

Dustin Kircher is a good friend and business partner of mine and has been a part of over five thousand real estate transactions working for a hedge fund. He works primarily within the creative financing space and works with other wholesalers to help them structure these types of deals. We go over two real life recent examples of deals he’s closed, as well as share information on how you can get rid of your leads and still get paid.


Episode 071: Doing Lease Options in Multiple States with Robert Fendler

Robert Fendler has made a career out of virtual real estate by being able to work in multiple states at once. Today. he’s on the show to discuss some of the benefits and hazards of remote real estate, how to choose a good contractor, and the joy and success that comes with creating win/win situations for your buyers.


Episode 054: The Fundamentals of Virtual Wholesaling

We’re going back to the basics today: I’m going to be going over the Seven Fundamentals of Virtual Wholesaling. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate investing or you’ve been at it for years, I believe that you have to have solid fundamentals in order to succeed and grow your business, so I’m going to break it all down into seven easy steps.


Episode 052: How to Pick a Virtual Real Estate Market

Literally everyone gets overwhelmed when they first dip into virtual real estate marketing. I’ll show you exactly how to choose a starting area, how to work your knowledge of that area into success, and how to take that success and expand on it into bigger and better markets.


Episode 036: What You Put In Is What You Get Out with Ronnie Baras

Comedy hypnotist Ronnie Baras needs real estate wholesaling to better supplement his day job, especially since performing in front of a live audience is a no-go right now. As we talk over his current business plan, you can literally see the minute he realizes where he can plug up the holes in his system.


Episode 027: The Biggest Shift You Need to Make in 2021

Is the market going to tank? Will banks tighten up lending criteria? This is the year you need to stop obsessing over things way out of your control and instead start dialing in on all the things you can control. And that’s YOU.

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