Episode 011: How to Position Multiple Offers

Having a conversation with a seller is at the heart of every sales pitch. But how can you use that conversation to gauge whether a seller is even interested? I’m going to share the 4 signs of a motivated seller, and how you can use that as a jumping off point for making multiple offers.


Episode 009: How to Have the Perfect Work/Life Balance with Gigi!

You’re going to love Gigi’s positive story about her journey into real estate investing today. She was already successful on her own as a doctor, but she couldn’t achieve her dreams on her doctor’s income alone. Every time I talk to Gigi, she’s off on a helicopter, out on a kayak, or motorcycling with her girlfriends. She knows how to balance work and life.


001: How We Did $100K During The Pandemic

Don’t get lost in the negative Nancys who say the real estate market is doomed. Carey and Melissa, two of my favorite business partners, cleared $100,000 during the pandemic, and we are going to tell you how we did it. From a reluctant start to now confident investors, Melissa and Carey are proof that you are only as good as your real estate network.




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