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Episode 043: The Advantages of Being an Investor/Agent with Frank Jr

Frank Jr is walking away from fewer leads because he can solve more problems when he wears both the investor and the real estate agent hat. See how his problem-solving approach means that he rarely walks away from a seller conversation without a contract or a deal in hand.


Episode 029: How to Deal with a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are willing to pay $20,000 to sometimes $35,000 more than the market price for a home that fits their criteria, so I can understand why many wholesalers want to sell to them. I don’t want you to get burned, so I’m going to lay out some dos and don’ts to protect yourself when you’re working with them.


Episode 023: Live Seller Cold Call to a FSBO – Keep It Simple

What exactly should you say to Mr. Seller? Going beyond a phone script, I’ve recorded a live cold call to a seller so that you can see how casual and friendly you can be as you get some more information about a property and establish first contact with a potential client.


Episode 020: I Need Systems

Automation and delegation can help you get focused on what you do best: make offers. But some investors just keep spinning their wheels for weeks and weeks because they’ve gotten stuck setting up their CRM.


Episode 016: The Money Is Sitting in Your CRM…Do You Agree?

Spending $10,000 on your marketing but only landing one $10,000 deal is a terrible way to build a business. If you’re going to spend big money on marketing, you should work those leads until they sell that house to someone, even if that’s not you. I’m going to show you what that kind of perseverance looks like.


Episode 011: How to Position Multiple Offers

Having a conversation with a seller is at the heart of every sales pitch. But how can you use that conversation to gauge whether a seller is even interested? I’m going to share the 4 signs of a motivated seller, and how you can use that as a jumping off point for making multiple offers.


Episode 009: How to Have the Perfect Work/Life Balance with Gigi!

You’re going to love Gigi’s positive story about her journey into real estate investing today. She was already successful on her own as a doctor, but she couldn’t achieve her dreams on her doctor’s income alone. Every time I talk to Gigi, she’s off on a helicopter, out on a kayak, or motorcycling with her girlfriends. She knows how to balance work and life.


001: How We Did $100K During The Pandemic

Don’t get lost in the negative Nancys who say the real estate market is doomed. Carey and Melissa, two of my favorite business partners, cleared $100,000 during the pandemic, and we are going to tell you how we did it. From a reluctant start to now confident investors, Melissa and Carey are proof that you are only as good as your real estate network.

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