Episode 039: How to Flip Houses in High-End Areas

Taking on a high-end project might seem like it’s very similar to flipping a $200k project, but it’s not. Even though you’ll be dealing with project managers and contractors, the types of finishes, the budget, and even the end-buyer are going to require a different mindset from you. Let’s talk about how to make more money by massively renovating a property.


Episode 038: Your Network is Your Net Worth

If you’re using COVID as an excuse to not get out there and network in the real estate world, I want you to set aside your excuses. Your business is only as strong as your network, so I’m going to lay out how you can expand your influence and meet the kind of people that are going to accelerate your business.


Episode 037: How to Position the Lease Option with Jim & Pam Kip

In your excitement to talk to a seller, you tell them everything that you’ve ever learned about lease options. And suddenly they’re not returning your calls. I coached a couple of our students through the selling process about how to talk to sellers. I walk through some scripts and help them reframe their offers for more success.


Episode 036: What You Put In Is What You Get Out with Ronnie Baras

Comedy hypnotist Ronnie Baras needs real estate wholesaling to better supplement his day job, especially since performing in front of a live audience is a no-go right now. As we talk over his current business plan, you can literally see the minute he realizes where he can plug up the holes in his system.


Episode 034: How Cornelius Got 4 Contracts in 7 Weeks Without Talking to a Seller or Buyer

Cornelius has had an amazingly successful couple of months, and it’s because he’s completely changed the structure of his business. As a new father with a traveling day job, Cornelius knew that investing outside his Southern California homebase would be the only way he could get into real estate, but he didn’t know how to put together a virtual team.


Episode 030: Pop Up Coaching Call with Kat & Bill

Hedge funds are willing to pay $20,000 to sometimes $35,000 more than the market price for a home that fits their criteria, so I can understand why many wholesalers want to sell to them. I don’t want you to get burned, so I’m going to lay out some dos and don’ts to protect yourself when you’re working with them.

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