Episode 057: How To Do The BRRRR Method The Right Way with David Dodge

David Dodge from Coffee With Closers is here today to tell us all about the BRRRR Method and how to use it to make deals without putting up any of your own money. He’s got tips for finding motivated sellers, working with banks to get loans, and how to use amortization to your advantage when refininancing properties.


Episode 055: Follow the Blueprint and Get 85k in Closing in 30 Days!

I’m all about working on your business, not in it. Today, we’re talking with two of my clients, Pamela and Terry, who have managed to do exactly that. They’ve managed to get 100k in closing in their first month, and they’re here to tell you all about how they did it.


Episode 054: The Fundamentals of Virtual Wholesaling

We’re going back to the basics today: I’m going to be going over the Seven Fundamentals of Virtual Wholesaling. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate investing or you’ve been at it for years, I believe that you have to have solid fundamentals in order to succeed and grow your business, so I’m going to break it all down into seven easy steps.


Episode 053: Negotiating Real Estate Liens With Melissa

Property liens, particularly with the IRS, can be difficult to deal with in real estate. But there are ways to negotiate down those liens and make a nice profit. Our guest Melissa is going to show you exactly how it’s done.


Episode 052: How to Pick a Virtual Real Estate Market

Literally everyone gets overwhelmed when they first dip into virtual real estate marketing. I’ll show you exactly how to choose a starting area, how to work your knowledge of that area into success, and how to take that success and expand on it into bigger and better markets.


Episode 051: Marketing That Works Today – 6 Under Contract in 30 Days

If you want to be able to quit your job and go full-time with real estate, you’ve got to establish consistency. Today, we’ll be talking with Chris Arnold about how to increase the number of leads coming in, how to work with your staff and partners to stay on the same page, and how sometimes, you just need to slow down a little to get back on track.


Episode 050: Follow Up Changes The Game

Today, I’m talking all about one of the least exciting, yet most important parts of real estate deals: the follow up. Remember, “no” means “not yet,” and follow up is how you get a “yes.” We’ll talk all about how and when to reach back out to sellers, and how to use your CRM to help keep you on track.




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