How To Have a Successful VA Team

Episode 094: How To Have a Successful VA Team

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’re a seasoned pro, you’re going to need to outsource administrative duties to a virtual assistant. Hiring a solid VA helps you spend more time on the high-dollar activities in your business. Creating a high performing VA team depends on how well they’re trained and how well you treat them so they stick around.


Episode 093: Are You Coachable Or Stuck In Your Own Ways?

The ability to be coachable is a game changer in real estate. Being honest with yourself about what’s not working in your business shows you where you need help so you can stop spinning your wheels. When you’re in a coachable mindset and follow the advice you’re given, you can change your life and business in a short period of time.

Build a Solid Foundation Off Basic Skills

Episode 091: Build a Solid Foundation Off Basic Skills

With so many tools, automation, and systems, it’s easy to get bogged down in your real estate business. Becoming too focused on the details without mastering the basics leads to frustration and prevents you from taking action. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stripping everything down to your foundation and vision can help you get back on track.

How To Run Your Real Estate Business From Abroad

Episode 090: How To Run Your Real Estate Business From Abroad

I’m staying with my parents in the UK and wanted to share some tips on how I run my business while abroad. Paying attention to time zones is key, along with making sure your equipment is set up to work in a different country. Balancing work and fun while traveling all comes down to time management. Sticking to a strict work schedule allows you to get everything done quickly so you can spend the rest of your time with family and friends.


Episode 089: Marketing That Is Working in My Business Today

I’m breaking down the marketing strategies that work for me in my business and why I decided to use them. Marketing strategies can be broken down into proactive or reactive approaches. There are pros and cons of every strategy and it’s important to measure your KPIs so you know which methods are yielding results.


Episode 086: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Masterminds are the perfect environment for getting to the next level in your business. Having a strong network is the most important thing in real estate, so surround yourself with the right people. Success only comes when you work on yourself and your mindset. Make you have a strong foundation.


Episode 085: Creating Small Wins Is a Must in This Business

When building out your real estate business, it’s all about the small wins. Small victories lead up to big successes, so it’s important to keep chipping away until you get the outcome you desire. Winning isn’t possible without the right mindset. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.


Episode 084: Position Your Offer to Close More Deals

Solid marketing strategies and systems automation mean nothing in your real estate business if you can’t sell. Good sales skills are the key to closing more deals. When you’re a master at sales, you become a master problem-solver, which is valuable to both sides of the table.


Episode 083: 200k+ While Working a Full-Time Job with Brooks Everline

Brooks Everline started his real estate business while he was working a full-time job and made over $200K. Being in the right mindset is what kept him going, along with leaning on his support system and hiring the right people. Sometimes it takes a while for strategies to work but stick with it. Have patience and course correct as needed and you will start seeing results.