Episode 084: Position Your Offer to Close More Deals

Solid marketing strategies and systems automation mean nothing in your real estate business if you can’t sell. Good sales skills are the key to closing more deals. When you’re a master at sales, you become a master problem-solver, which is valuable to both sides of the table.


Episode 083: 200k+ While Working a Full-Time Job with Brooks Everline

Brooks Everline started his real estate business while he was working a full-time job and made over $200K. Being in the right mindset is what kept him going, along with leaning on his support system and hiring the right people. Sometimes it takes a while for strategies to work but stick with it. Have patience and course correct as needed and you will start seeing results.


Episode 082: Due Diligence Will Catch Scammers

Many people think they’re immune to scammers just because they’re experienced or have good common sense. The truth is, sometimes deals get emotional and if you’re not careful, you might miss some major red flags. Be on the lookout and trust your gut when it comes to potential real estate scams.


Live MAD Bootcamp – Marketing, Automation, Delegation – Feb 11-12

My business partner, Joe McCall, and I have been in the REI business for years and we’ve picked up a lot of strategies that make running our own real estate business not only profitable but also easier to manage. Today, we share about our upcoming marketing, automation and delegation bootcamp that will really help make your REI business grow.


Episode 081: Stop Trying to Learn It All! Use Your Network!

Trying to be an expert in all areas of your real estate business is a waste of time. Building a network of experts in areas like creative financing and insurance helps you lean on them when you need advice instead of having to figuring it out on your own. When you have a solid network to partner with, you can close more deals.


Episode 079: Are You Building a Business or a Job?

Many people start building their real estate business and wind up building a job that drains them. Wearing all of the different hats in your business so you can hire the right key players is so important. Creating a business will take you out of your comfort zone but having the right mindset and determination will ultimately lead you to success.


Episode 078: New Market Challenge

Along with Joe McCall, I’ll be hosting a free three-day live event called the New Market Challenge. It starts on January 24th and we’ll be showing you what we’d do if we had to start our real estate businesses over from scratch. There’s also a VIP option that includes live coaching – you won’t want to miss this.


Episode 077: New Year New You! Are You Ready?

Happy New Year! Last time, we discussed how to create your vision for 2022 and now we’re going to discuss how to build a plan to make that happen. Being brilliant at the basics is the foundation for your future success.


Episode 076: The Best Ways to Plan for 2022

Going into 2022 with a clear vision and goals to make it come to life is the plan to success. I’ll show you my own goal setting process and the right questions to ask as you’re going through it on your own. The act of writing your goals down is so powerful. All you need to do to make them come alive is to take massive action and start executing.